Ding Xinda activated carbon content state

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China is the world's largest coal producer, coal resources are rich, the variety is complete, with the production of ash sold in the P Urology Department for China's coal-based activated carbon production laid a foundation.gold adsorption on activated carbon 

China's activated carbon production coal is mainly concentrated in the northwest region, there are long bituminous coal, weak viscous coal and anthracite, due to the single coal properties of the restriction, China's coal-based activated carbon products are mostly in the middle and low grade products.Coal based activated carbon production in China, starting in the 1950 s, but slow to develop early in the early 1980 s the national annual production of about 4 000 t [2 l. Along with the reform and opening up, economic development and the gradual improvement of the people's living standard and increasing efforts in environmental protection at home and abroad in recent years, domestic demand of activated carbon, and exports continue to increase, coal based activated carbon industry is developing rapidly. In the late 80 s, China's coal-based activated carbon produced more than 20000 tons, in 2000 reached 100000 tons, 400000 tons in 2008 or so,China has basically formed an independent, complete and initial industrial system for the preparation of activated carbon, and has become the world's largest producer of coal-based activated carbon.Due to the advantages of coal resources and product price, China's coal-based activated carbon products have a strong competitiveness in the international market. www.chinactivecarbon.com  


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