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Therefore, it is widely used in many fields of industry, agriculture, transportation, medicine and health, chemical industry, metallurgy, environmental protection, national defense, aerospace and People's Daily life.Because of its acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, and granular activated carbon can be easily regenerated after adsorption saturation, so it plays a more and more role.With the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, the enhancement of environmental protection awareness, activated carbon in the field of application, market demand for product types, demand shows a trend of gradual growth.

This also promotes thgold adsorption on activated carbon e formation of large-scale production of activated carbon at home and abroad.There are many kinds of activated carbon products, according to raw materials can be divided into: coal based activated carbon, wood activated carbon, nut shell activated carbon and synthetic activated carbon.Due to the demand of environmental protection, the production of wood activated carbon is subject to more and more restrictions.www.chinactivecarbon.com  

Wood activated carbon in China since the 1970 s, the proportion of total domestic activated carbon production of 80% to 40% of the 90 s, but our country coal resources are relatively abundant, variety complete, and low cost, stable and reliable supply, taking coal base as raw material to the production of coal based activated carbon percentage rise gradually, in the 1970 s and 90 s, coal-based activated carbon in China increased from 15% to 60% of the total amount of active carbon, and present a trend of increasing 1 all the time.

Therefore, the preparation technology of coal based activated carbon has been widely valued at home and abroad, and has made great development.At the same time, it has improved the performance of coal-based activated carbon products and become the world's largest activated carbon product in terms of production and consumption, accounting for about 70% of the total output of activated carbon in the ancient world.However, due to the protection of the environment and high-quality coal and wood resources, some developed countries have introduced relevant laws and regulations to limit the production of high pollution and high energy consumption of activated carbon, resulting in the production and export of activated carbon gradually reduced;On the other hand, because activated carbon is a resource-consuming, labor-intensive product, the production cost of activated carbon produced in developed countries is high, and its competitiveness in the international market is gradually declining.The activated carbon exported by China is mainly of middle and low grade varieties, with low added value. In order to occupy the international market share, enterprises generally adopt low-price marketing strategy, resulting in the low price of activated carbon in the international market.Statistics show that at present, the average price of China's exported activated carbon is only one quarter of that of the United States.

This extremely low selling price, for the activated carbon preparation industry, which relies on resource consumption to a large extent, is undoubtedly a waste of precious data.

Activated carbon industry is currently facing the dilemma of low price and resource waste.

Due to the rapid development of activated carbon industry in some Southeast Asian countries with relatively rich resources, the export of activated carbon is increasing year by year.

International buyers use their sales channels to maliciously undercut prices;

Domestic industry standards such as: output, capital, technology, environmental protection and other aspects, low entry threshold, the flood of small enterprises.

There are some small enterprises lack of funds, the corresponding preparation technology is backward, in the market shoddy, malicious price.

As a result, the precious characteristic resources in the process of preparing activated carbon are wasted, leading to the shortage of high quality raw media. 


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