Activated carbon chemical medicine

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The polishing slurry and processing technology of micro-abrasive slurry jet were studied.

Through the analysis of the physical and chemical properties of additives and their state changes under the jet, the comprehensive effects of the types and proportions of different additives, as well as the types, proportions and particle sizes of abrasive on the formation of uniform slurry, the promotion of good abrasive dispersion and the jet polishing effect were 

The effects of different types of nozzles, polishing slurry, jet distance, jet time, different initial RA, jet pressure and jet Angle on the surface profile, material removal depth and surface quality of the workpiece were studied through polishing experiments.

The local Ra of the optical glass surface is in the range of 20nm~50nm by MASJP, and the lowest Ra is 10.24nm. Effect of pore structure of activated carbon on filtration efficiency of particulate matter in mainstream flue gasimagitarium activated carbon pellets  

  • Because of its rich pore structure, huge specific surface area and good machinability, activated carbon has become the most studied and widely used adsorbent material in compound filter additives. This paper mainly discusses the activated carbon pore structure on the influence of the filtration efficiency of flue gas particle phase, for the application of active carbon composite filter in the Chinese style cigarette and cigarette * reduce harm reducing tar "work provide basic data and technical support, as well as the preparation with specific pore structure and properties of activated carbon and choose the smoke cigarette manufacturing using activated carbon has certain guiding significance. 


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