Activated carbon anthracite series

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In order to verify the accuracy of the simulation calculation, two 12g activated carbon bags thickness of activated carbon ~ 1.5cm) were put into the container containing uranium ore, and then taken out after radon adsorption for 30 min and 85 min. After continuous measurement, the change curve of total Y number of activated carbon over time could be adsorption onto activated carbon 

According to the adsorption duration used in the experiment and the appropriate value of n (in the calculation process, when the adsorption duration is 30 min, n=480activated carbon manufacturers uae 

When the adsorption time is 85 min, take n-600), and the calculated theoretical curve is shown in FigureIt can be seen from the figure that the measured curve is in good agreement with the theoretical curve.Fig. 2 is the simulation result of the total number of Y taken out over time after activated carbon adsorbs 1 radon atom from the environment every second and continues to adsorb for 3 days.After the activated carbon was taken out, the total number of V reached the maximum after t time, and then the total number became smaller. After about 50 min, the total number of V decreased by a negative exponential function.

The curve can be divided into a stationary area and a measuring area. The width of the stationary area (i.e. the duration of the stationary area) is set at (t+50) min, followed by the measuring area.

There is no obvious rule of counting in the standing zone. Should be avoided during this period of time.Total number of;The measurement area is counted 


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