The coal texture of activated carbon

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Activated carbon (AC) is a kind of porous carbon material with developed pore structure and large specific surface area, which is prepared by using biological organic matter (such as wood, coke, petroleum coke, coal and various nut shells, etc.). It is a kind of high quality adsorption onto activated carbon 

With the development of industry, its application is more and more extensive.activated carbon manufacturers uae  

At present, it has been widely used in the field of environmental protection, food industry and medicine.

Industry, agriculture and many other fields.

In recent years, one of the research hotspots of activated carbon is to use cheap agricultural and forestry wastes as raw materials and simple and clean process to prepare biomass activated carbon with high economic benefit and good adsorption performance.

If the agricultural and forestry wastes are effectively utilized and turned into treasures, it can not only create certain economic benefits, but also reduce its pollution to the environment, and achieve the purpose of treating waste with waste.

In this paper, using biomass (corn cob, rice husk and peanut shell) as raw material, the experimental research on the preparation of activated carbon from biomass was carried out on the self-built experimental platform, and the activation temperature, activation time, impregnation ratio and impregnation time and other activation and physicochemical characteristics were systematically studied. 


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