What causes excessive fuel consumption? ? I do not know

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Asked at 2011-12-15 23:42:13
What causes excessive fuel consumption ? ? I do not know
Answer1VeromcaAnswered at 2011-12-18 01:42:11
Source : Chung Yue network not too long at high speed. Do any of the economic speed of a car , like Toyota vehicles is 80 to 90 kmh minimum fuel consumption and air resistance will increase speed , which increases fuel consumption . Usually necessary to strengthen the maintenance of the car. For example, when the wheel bearings should be oiled , can decrease the friction is reduced fuel consumption and oil viscosity can lead to higher fuel consumption in the winter to use 10W -30 and so on. Chassis engine is not working properly can lead to excessive fuel consumption . Abnormal tire wear or direction of the instability that lead to excessive fuel consumption . Therefore, regularly check the degree of wear of the tires, but also to prevent excessive fuel consumption , fuel consumption driving method in the car , empty unnecessary weight , avoiding hard acceleration and frequent braking winter car fresh high inactivity shorter than in the summer ...... In fact, how to prevent excessive oil consumption are many , many ways. Hope will help you
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