Best Small Pillow for Side Sleepers

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The Contour Memory Foam Pillow is a great choice for any type of sleeper, but the best small pillow for side sleepers, this pillow is designed to cradle your head and neck in order to help maintain proper alignment. The memory foam filling that makes up the interior of this pillow does an excellent job of providing plenty of support, and it also helps to reduce pressure points too! The cover on this pillow is designed to be machine washable and can be easily removed.

What is the best small pillow for side sleepers?

The best small pillow for side sleepers is a contour memory foam pillow because it can be shaped to fit the curves of your head and neck. This allows the weight of your head to be distributed evenly so you can get a better night's rest. Here are the best small pillows for side sleepers.

What is the best pillow for back pain?

The best pillow for back pain is a contour memory foam pillow. This type of pillow is the most supportive and can be molded to fit the shape of your head so that your head and neck can be supported and aligned properly. These pillows are also very comfortable, and unlike many of the other pillows discussed in this article, they can be used by just about anyone. Find the best contour memory foam pillows here. If you suffer from chronic neck pain, then a contour memory foam pillow is your best bet. This is especially the case if you sleep on your side. The very best way to get a good night's sleep is by getting a side sleeper pillow that is specifically designed to help you sleep comfortably and wake up without pain.

Types of small pillows

There are a few types of small pillows to choose from, including contour pillows, memory foam pillows, down-filled pillows, and microfiber pillows. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which one is the perfect pillow for your sleeping style. If you're a side sleeper, you may want a contour pillow that follows your head and neck curves. Memory foam pillows work best for back sleepers if they need extra support under the head and neck. Memory foam also works well for stomach sleepers who need more support on their heads and backs.

Benefits of choosing a small pillow

If you sleep on your side, a small pillow is the best choice for you. A smaller pillow will be easier to handle while sleeping, and it can also help improve your posture by not forcing you to bend. It may not feel as comfortable at first, but after a while of using it, you'll likely find that it's the perfect size for your needs. When you shop for pillows, you may feel overwhelmed by the variety of options. You want to choose one that feels great and keeps your neck and spine in a neutral position, but you may not know which one is best for your needs. To make picking one easier and to ensure you get the most benefit from your new pillow, keep these tips in mind. The first thing you should consider when buying a cervical pillow is the size of your bed. Ideally, you should look for a pillow that's at least six inches longer than the width of your bed, so it doesn't bend your neck when sleeping on it.

How to choose the best small pillow

The two main factors that play into finding the right small pillow are the size and the fill. If you have a smaller bed, then you'll want to look for a pillow that's not too big because you need to be able to fit it on your bed. You also need to consider what kind of sleeper you are - do you sleep primarily on your side or back? Down and feathers are the most common types of filling material that you'll see, but there are others as well.

If you're a side sleeper, then you'll want a pillow that keeps its form but also provides some loft to cradle your head and neck. A firmer pillow will work best for you. Back sleepers will want a pillow that keeps its shape but is also low enough to fit your bed. Side sleepers, on the other hand, will want something a little higher up. For back sleepers, consider a pillow that's filled with down or feathers but that has a removable cover for easy washing. Side sleepers should consider a pillow that's filled with memory foam, which will contour to your head and neck without losing its shape. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, tend to prefer a very thin pillow or one that's filled with polyester foam.


Comfortable sleep starts with the right pillow. A study found that people who sleep on their side typically need a supportive, full-body pillow. This will help you to align your body and avoid tossing and turning. It will also be comfortable for your neck, back, and hips. A down or synthetic-filled pillow is best because they are soft yet firm enough to keep your spine in alignment. 


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