Purification water of activated carbon

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On the basis of industrial test, the technical indexes, pore structure and adsorption properties of activated carbon for water purification by crushing block were analyzed and studied. The results show that there are two kinds of micropores in the activated carbon, and the contribution of micropores to the specific surface area, activated carbon wholesale pore volume and adsorption performance of activated carbon is much larger than that of medium and large pores. It is a kind of activated carbon with low ash content, high strength, narrow pore distribution, high specific surface area and excellent adsorption performance. After analysis and calculation, the mesopar diameter of activated carbon is 6.71A, BET surface area is 764.83m2 /g, Langmuir specific surface area is 1229.5m3 /g, internal specific surface area is 91.50m3 /g, external specific surface area is 673.33m37g, and micropore volume is 0.133 cm3/g. When P/P=0.30, the maximum specific surface area is 809.776 m'7g, and the maximum pore volume is 0.412 cm'/gc activated carbon for gold recovery 


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