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Ding Xinda activated carbon carbon adsorption and carbon principle and adsorption price02021-11-29 22:43:36
Its adsorption is selective, and non-polar substances are easier to be adsorbed than polar substances.In the same series of substances, the higher the boiling point of the substance, the more tolerantEasy to be adsorbed, the greater the pressure,activated carbon from china  the lower the temperature, the greater the concentration, the greater the amount of adsorption.On the contrary, decompression and heating are beneficial to gas desorption.It is often used for gas adsorption,Separation and purification, recovery of solvents, decolorizing agents for sugar solution, grease, glycerin, medicine, deodorant for drinking water and refrigerators, filter agent for gas masks,It can also be used as a catalyst or metal salt catalyst carrier.Early production of activated carbon raw materials for wood, hard nut shell or animal bones, later mainly used coal, after dryingDistillation, activation treatment after the production of activated carbon methods are :① steam, gas activation method.Carbon is activated by water vapor or carbon dioxide at 850~900℃. gold coconut shell activated carbon activated carbon is a kind of very small granular has a large surface area, and more tiny holes in the granular - capillary. The capillary has very strong adsorption capacity, due to the granular surface area is large, so a good contact with with gas (impurities). When these gases (impurities) encounter capillary by adsorption, purification effect. Activated carbon surface area of the study is very important, only the BET specific surface area detecting data of active carbon method detected result is reliable, domestic at present there are many instruments can only make direct comparison method of detection, 
The big price of activated carbon02021-11-10 18:17:33
Adding appropriate chemical reagents will play the role of catalytic oxidation [73], and these chemical reagents will also increase the active point of activation reaction, which is conducive to the development of activated carbon pores.wholesale activated carbon pellet  Now at home and abroad the main research work is mainly the following aspects: a, additive in the functional mechanism of manufacturing activated carbon energy gao jun of China university of mining mechanism of additives in the manufacturing activated carbon made detail [4, pointed out that: the catalyst in the carbonization stage prompted carbon the destruction of the molecular structure of aromatic raw materials, to "structure" of disordering, provides a good initial activation reaction conditions, is an important factor to improve the activation of activated carbon pore. In the process of activation, potassium to strengthen the directionality of the pore, thereby reducing the unnecessary on ignition, and accelerated the process of pore forming,  And pore distribution is given priority to with microporous activated carbon; refractory in the catalyst to ash content of SiO2 and Al, 03, etc, into acid soluble potassium nepheline chemical compounds such as magnesium and calcium silicon stone is the key to improve pickling deliming rate factor b and additives on the activated carbon adsorption properties, pore structure and pore size distribution - adding different additives. The influence of the activated carbon: c, chemicals for coking products. 
Price of activated carbon02021-12-24 21:06:42
The purification efficiency of activated carbon adsorption method is 99.2%~99.3%. For the treatment of large air volume and low concentration of organic waste gas, it is agreed that this method is the most mature and reliable technology at home and abroad, but the T art process is too long, the operation cost is high, and it is often more difficult to need a stable steam source.activated carbon for gold recovery  In view of these problems, combined with the characteristics of this graduation design and only body requirements, the use of activated carbon fixed bed adsorption system for industrial organic waste gas purification, the selection of honeycomb activated carbon as adsorbent.The process system is compact and integrated with adsorption and desorption.activated carbon wholesale  The waste gas produced in the production process, mainly of benzene, toluene, xylene, etc., according to the nature of benzene class, this scheme adopts the active carbon as adsorbent to absorb the waste gas, the adsorption bed configuration 2 sets of above commonly, use rotation, when one adsorption bed adsorption of organic adsorption amount of reach regulation, change to another Ⅰ adsorption bed for adsorption purification operation, at the same time to take off one in front of the adsorption bed with regeneration.Desorption is carried out by heating under the action of additional steam, and most of the hotgas released by the tail gas is used for desorption and regeneration of adsorbent in the adsorption bed to achieve the utilization of waste heat.The waste gas volatilized from production is sent to the adsorption tower by centrifugal fan with activated carbon as adsorbent. The gas in the tower is processed through the activated carbon filter layer from right to left and from bottom to top, and the purified gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the exhaust pipe. 
Price of activated carbon02021-12-28 21:36:35
Factors such as [10. For honeycomb activated carbon, the wall thickness is a very important parameter, by changing the wall thickness to improve its adsorption efficiency. Under the same porosity, thickness increases, the honeycomb carbon content per unit volume also will increase, which can improve the adsorption capacity. This is because the wall thickness increases, the fluid channel in the cellular cross-sectional area reduced, so the real surface or volume flow rate will increase. At the same time, the contact between adsorbate and carbon efficiency will, there is a balance between the two. Under the given conditions, the balance will determine adsorption increase or decrease. If the adsorbate at higherthe diffusion rate diffuses to the inside of the honeycomb wall, and the empty adsorption site can be continuously adsorbed, so the thick-walled honeycomb should have better adsorption efficiency and adsorption capacity"Determination of air velocity and cross-sectional area of empty towerThe empty tower gas velocity is the velocity of gas passing through the entire cross section of the adsorber.The selection of air velocity not only directly determines the size and pressure drop of the adsorber, but also affects the adsorption efficiency. If the gas speed is very small, the size of the adsorber is large and  If the gas velocity is too large, the pressure drop will increase and the adsorption efficiency will be affected.The optimum gas velocity was determined by experiment.activated carbon pellets wholesale  The adsorption design can not pursue too high adsorption efficiency, the empty tower speed value is reduced, it will make the adsorption bed volume, the amount of adsorbent and equipment cost increased greatly;On the contrary, it is not appropriate to take too large empty tower gas speed. Although the equipment cost is low, the adsorption efficiency drops a lot, and the pressure drop of the system will rise rapidly with the increase of the empty tower speed, resulting in excessive power consumption. Therefore, due to the selection of the appropriate air speed of the empty tower, the most suitable air speed of the empty tower is 0.8~1.2m/s"21, according to the empirical conclusion, this design determines Air velocity of empty tower :U= 1.0m /s.Original conditions:Treatment air volume :Q=20000 m'h, design temperature is 35° C, pressure is 1.01325×103Pa Since the proportion of air in exhaust gas is far greater than that of pollutants, the properties of exhaust gas can be approximately viewed as the thermophysical properties of dry air. Please refer to Appendix 9 of Principles of Chemistry to obtain the following data:Properties of air mixture:Fluid density P;=1.147kg/ m', viscosity u,= 1.94×10-5 Pa.S, specific heat capacity C,=1.005kJ/(kg."C) 
The best price for activated carbon1CLMnb2021-03-21 23:32:20
活性炭吸附法广泛应用于有机废气的净化。当废气中有很多成分时,吸附情况变得复杂。 着眼于印刷,制革和涂料行业的废气中含有苯,甲苯和乙酸等,对活性炭吸附法处理废气的动力学进行了实验研究,并优化了操作参数。探索了固定床吸附器,可为工程设计提供参考。 实验结果表明,纯组分的吸附平衡与Langmuir方程吻合良好。 在多组分吸附的情况下,由于各组分之间的竞争和干扰,具有取代吸附能力的组分可以代替已吸附的另一部分,因此各组分的渗透曲线有明显的变化。 吸附能力相对较弱的组分的渗透点显着提高,而吸附能力强的组分的渗透时间被延迟。  本文将EL方程和IAST理论用于多组分吸附平衡的理论预测和分析,并与实验结果进行了比较。 结果表明,至少用EL方程预测的总吸附量与实验结果吻合良好,但用EL方程预测的各部分的吸附量往往会产生正负偏差,平均误差通常在20%以上。 但是,IAST可以很好地消除正负偏差,平均误差小于10%,与实验结果更加吻合。activated carbon wholesale  操作参数表明,活性炭的吸附容量会转移温度,气体速度或湿度的增加而降低。 合适的工作范围是:温度在40℃以内,气体速度在0.1〜0.5 m / s之间,湿度最好不超过40%。 在此范围内,压降与气体速度之间的关系基本符合Ergun方程。 
Distribution and price of activated carbon02021-11-10 18:14:06
As the main energy source in our country, the pollutants produced by coal burning during the development and utilization of coal also worsen the atmospheric environment day by day. The control of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides pollution from coal burning has become the most urgent task in atmospheric environment control. granular activated charcoal  At present, China has applied some flue gas purification technologies such as wet, semi-dry, dry desulfurization, selective catalytic reduction denitration, wet combined desulfurization and denitration technology, electron beam method and so on. These technologies are developed and applied only for one kind of pollutant, resulting in problems such as resource waste, large initial investment and high operating cost.coal activated carbon supplier  Therefore, it is an important subject for sustainable development to study the green and environment-friendly integrated flue gas purification technology with high efficiency, low cost and no secondary pollution. Activated carbon has a large specific surface area, good microporous structure, strong regeneration ability, is a good adsorption material. Activated carbon can realize desulfurization and denitration at the same time, no secondary pollution and renewable utilization of resources. At present, the adsorption device of activated carbon adsorption process reported in the literature is mainly fixed bed, and this process has the disadvantages of large equipment, large bed resistance, poor continuity and so on. 
Activated carbon purification price02021-12-30 23:16:49
China's activated carbon production coal is mainly concentrated in the northwest region, there are long bituminous coal, weak viscous coal and anthracite, due to the single coal properties of the restriction, China's coal-based activated carbon products are mostly in the middle and low grade products.Coal based activated carbon production in China, starting in the 1950 s, but slow to develop early in the early 1980 s the national annual production of about 4 000 t [2 l. Along with the reform and opening up, economic development and the gradual improvement of the people's living standard and increasing efforts in environmental protection at home and abroad in recent years, domestic demand of activated carbon, and exports continue to increase, coal based activated carbon industry is developing rapidly. In the late 80 s, China's coal-based activated carbon produced more than 20000 tons, in 2000 reached 100000 tons, 400000 tons in 2008 or so,China has basically formed an independent, complete and initial industrial system for the preparation of activated carbon, and has become the world's largest producer of coal-based activated carbon.Due to the advantages of coal resources and product price, China's coal-based activated carbon products have a strong competitiveness in the international market. activated carbon gold mining  At present, about 80% of China's coal-based activated carbon products are exported, and it is the largest coal-based activated carbon exporter in the world. Shanxi and Ningxia account for about 90% of China's coal-based activated carbon production and 80% of the export of coal-based activated carbon.Therefore, the production of coal-based activated carbon products has a broad prospect and is expected to achieve good economic benefits in the regions with rich raw material resources.At present, the production of coal-based activated carbon is mainly in Shanxi, Ningxia and Henan.The production of activated carbon with nut shell as raw material is mainly in hebei province; the production of activated carbon with wood as raw material is mainly concentrated in fujian, jiangxi, southern zhejiang and northeast region.In recent years, has gradually formed to Henan Changge City, Ningxia Yinchuan City and surrounding areas, Shanxi Datong region as the representative of the "three" activated carbon production base.Ningxia Yinlong Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. is the largest active carbon manufacturer in Asia with an annual output of 50,000 tons.Ningxia Huahui Activated Carbon Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide variety of activated carbon products and some of the performance of the products up to the world's advanced level. Shenhua Ningxia coal industry taixi charcoal based company activated carbon plant in recent years also determined to establish the world's largest activated carbon production base, the activated carbon industry will develop into one of the four pillar industries of Ningxia coal industry. activated carbon company  
The origin of activated carbon with the price02021-12-30 22:36:49
Activated carbon catalyst can promote the decomposition of ozone. The consumption rate of liquid phase ozone in activated carbon catalytic secondary oxidation process is 71.2% higher than that in ozone secondary oxidation process. The analysis of the relationship between ozone consumption and organic matter content in activated carbon catalytic secondary oxidation process shows that activated carbon can react directly with ozone or act as a free radical initiator in the process of ozone decomposition, especially when the organic matter content in water is low. When ozone dosage is L mg/L, the MIB removal rate of catalytic secondary oxidation is about L times higher than that of ozone secondary oxidation. When the concentration of ozone in water is about 1.5 mg/L, the catalytic secondary oxidation makes BrO; The concentration decreased by 0.04mg/L.activated carbon for gold recovery  The combined process of catalytic oxidation and activated carbon filtration has higher water purification efficiency. When the influent ozone concentration is 0~0.1 mg/L and influent UV254 is 0.020~0.030 L /em, the average removal rate of UV2sa by catalytic and ozone activated carbon is 30% and 21%, respectively. The removal rate of UV2s4 and DOC by activated carbon filtration is the highest when influent water quality and liquid phase ozone concentration is moderate. The DOC removal rate reached the maximum when the liquid phase ozone relative concentration (O/DOC) was about 0.3. The organic matter content and ozone concentration of activated carbon influent after catalytic oxidation are low, which is beneficial to the adsorption capacity and surface properties of activated carbon. In addition, metal oxides lost by the catalyst can be adsorbed by the activated carbon, which also helps to promote the decomposition of ozone on the surface of the activated carbon. activated carbon wholesale 
Activated carbon top specifications with the price and use02021-07-16 02:45:04
Principle of activated carbon adsorptionactivated carbon powder suppliers  activated carbon is a kind of very small granular has a large surface area, and more tiny holes in the granular - capillary. The capillary has very strong adsorption capacity, due to the granular surface area is large, so a good contact with with gas (impurities). When these gases (impurities) encounter capillary by adsorption, purification effect. Activated carbon surface area of the study is very important, only the BET specific surface area detecting data of active carbon method detected result is reliable, domestic at present there are many instruments can only make direct comparison method of detection, Plant waste is mostly made of plant fiber raw materials, in the plant body under the action of capillary, modified solution absorbed by material whole fully, between fiber is filled with the subtle space, make the dry material volume expansion after soaking wet, and reaction. Because of the water in the raw material, modified solution constitute a polar molecule, with a strong absorption of microwave dielectric properties,Therefore, polar molecules collide and rub violently with microwave frequency, generating a large amount of heat, which makes water and modified solution volatilize rapidly, and generate steam pressure, which explodes out from the inside of the raw material to the outside. This sharp action makes the fiber space of the raw material expand and produce sharp drying.In this way, the raw material has a more obvious pore structure and a larger internal specific surface area than before microwave irradiation. Compared with the traditional heating method, the mechanism of microwave in the preparation process of activated carbon is completely different.It shows its unique advantages: high efficiency, energy saving, uniformity, selectivity, low pollution, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, simple process and equipment and small footprint, conducive to automation, low carbon loss, and recovery of useful substances. 
Price of packaged activated carbon02022-01-12 23:18:12
The treatment of organic waste gas mainly includes two categories: recovery method and elimination method.The main recovery technologies of organic waste gas include: adsorption method, absorption method, condensation method, membrane separation technology and pressure swing adsorption technology.Organic waste gas elimination technology can be divided into two categories: physical - chemical method and biological method. Physical - chemical methods include thermal destruction, photodecomposition, corona, ozone decomposition, etc.Biological methods include biological filter, biological drip filter, biological scour tower, membrane bioreactor, activated sludge process, etc.The purification rate of activated carbon adsorption method can reach more than 95%, if there is no regeneration device, the operation cost is too high, if the steam recovery, the process is too long, the operation cost is high, the recovery of solvent and water mixture utilization value is not high;Regeneration needs a stable steam source, and the adsorption capacity of activated carbon after repeated adsorption and desorption will gradually reduce, generally use two or three years after the replacement.The purification rate of liquid absorption method is only 60%-80%, and there are secondary pollution adsorption on activated carbon  The purification rate of catalytic combustion method can reach 95%, but it is suitable for the treatment of high concentration, small air volume and high exhaust gas temperature of organic waste gas, and the gas temperature is higher, in order to improve the exhaust gas temperature, it needs to consume a lot of energy.The most used method is a catalytic combustion method, adsorption, it mainly particles or honeycomb carbon as adsorbent, to ensure the continuity of production, generally set up two adsorption bed used interchangeably, as a result of the 海large investment, operation trouble;As the bed volume is large, it is easy to appear the combustion and explosion caused by the accumulation of adsorption heat.To solve these problems, the adsorber of the existing new device adopts a multi-unit shunt combination structure, and uses a new material -- activated carbon fiber as adsorbent  
Different price list and value of activated carbon02021-08-30 23:17:53
Increase the number of activated carbon mesh and millimeter corresponding table content and related websites. It's not advertising. It's a lot of help to consumers. Now activated carbon is in accordance with the eye, but we do not know that the eye can be changed into millimeters.  Activated carbon is widely used in all aspects of industrial and agricultural production, such as the petrochemical industry without alkali deodorization (refined demercaptan), ethylene desalting water (refined filler), catalyst carrier (palladium, sales, men, etc.), water purification and sewage treatment; Water quality treatment and protection of power plants in the power industry; Chemical industry of chemical catalyst and carrier, gas purification, solvent recovery and oil and other decolorization, refining; Food industry beverage, wine, MSG mother liquor and food refining, decolorization; Gold extraction and tailings recovery in the gold industry; Environmental protection industry sewage treatment, waste gas and harmful gas treatment, gas purification; As well as related industries of cigarette filter, wood floor moistureproof, taste absorption, automobile gasoline evaporation pollution control, the preparation of various impregnation liquid, etc. Activated carbon in the future will have excellent development prospects and broad sales market.coal based granular activated carbon   Main uses of activated carbon: 1. Used for liquid phase adsorption of activated carbon · Tap water, industrial water, electroplating wastewater, pure water, beverage, food, medicine water purification and preparation of electronic ultra-pure water. · Decolorization, purification and purification of sucrose, xylose, monosodium glutamate, medicine, citric acid, chemical products and food additives · Decolorization, impurity and flavor removal of grease, oil products, gasoline and diesel oil, purification, deodorization and impurity removal of alcohol and beverages · Purification, refining, decolorization and filtration of products in fine chemical, pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical processes. Environmental protection engineering wastewater, domestic wastewater purification, decolorization, deodorization, COD reduction 2. Used for gas phase adsorption of activated carbon · Adsorption and recovery of benzene, toluene, xylene, acetone, oil and gas, CS2 and other organic solvents. · Non-smoke filter, decoration odor removal, indoor air purification (removal of formaldehyde, benzene, etc.), industrial gas purification (such as CO2, N2, etc.) Petrochemical industry production, natural gas purification, deodorization, deodorization, waste gas treatment 
Different price lists for activated carbon02021-08-30 23:13:55
The pore structure characteristics and specific surface area of activated carbon are usually obtained by measuring nitrogen adsorption isotherm at low temperature with adsorption In addition, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon also has a great relationship with its internal pore structure, pore size distribution and surface chemical properties. Chemical method in addition to certain micropores, macropores, there are more mesopores (transition pores), so it is more suitable for the application of liquid phase, adsorption of larger molecules of substances, such as sugar solution has a good decolorization effect; When purifying water quality, it can also remove the colored material well and achieve the specified chroma requirements.pelletized activated carbon  Particle strength is also a main index of granular activated carbon. In order to improve the particle strength of granular activated carbon, usually take some special processing measures, such as adding some material help plasticizing and proper mechanical treatment 4 or control in the process of kneading kneading temperature and kneading time, can greatly improve the strength of granular activated carbon particles, making the strength of the granular activated carbon has reached the fruit shell carbon intensity index.  For the gas phase adsorption, the size of the gas molecules is usually less than 1. ONM, the use of microporous activated carbon; For liquid-phase decolorization refining, due to the large size of the liquid molecules, it is necessary to use activated carbon with developed mesopore. Activated carbon has a large specific surface area and a particularly developed micro-pore structure, which is the main reason for its strong adsorption capacity and large adsorption capacity. 

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