The role of activated carbon in the pharmaceutical industry

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The iodine adsorption value, methylene blue adsorption value, strength and BET specific surface area of GAC were 1020.04mGG, 225mg/g, 88.73% and 1486.48m2/g respectively.

The experimental results show that the impregnation ratio and carbon activation temperature have great effects on the adsorption performance of GAC, while the kneading temperature and impregnation ratio have great effects on the strength of GAC.activated carbon gold mining 

Because the strength of GAC decreases with the increase of impregnation ratio, and the decrease range is large, so the preparation of GAC with compound activator is proposed.

The results show that the composite activator can reduce the impregnation ratio of phosphoric acid to wood chips and improve the strength of granular activated carbon.activated carbon company 

At the same time, the composite activator can improve the adsorption performance of GAC.

Therefore, granular activated carbon with good adsorption performance and high strength can be prepared by this method. 


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