The role of high quality activated carbon

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High-quality granular activated carbon must have good adsorption performance and strength.

Like powdery activated carbon, the adsorption performance of granular activated carbon depends largely on the characteristics of pore structure. The adsorption performance index can be analyzed and characterized by different methods, such as the decolorization performance of activated carbon expressed by methylene blue. Other performance indexes include iodine adsorption value, caramel decolorization rate, etc. activated carbon for gold recovery 

The pore structure characteristics and specific surface area of activated carbon are usually obtained by measuring nitrogen adsorption isotherm at low temperature with adsorption apparatus.activated carbon wholesale 

For the gas phase adsorption, the size of the gas molecules is usually less than 1. ONM, the use of microporous activated carbon;

For liquid-phase decolorization refining, due to the large size of the liquid molecules, it is necessary to use activated carbon with developed mesopore.

Activated carbon has a large specific surface area and a particularly developed micro-pore structure, which is the main reason for its strong adsorption capacity and large adsorption capacity. 


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