The role of activated carbon in the pharmaceutical industry

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In the test, the desulfurization effect of the cloth bag dust remover was tested, and its desulfurization rate was about 9%.activated carbon gold mining 

4. Analyze the reasons for the low SOZ and NO removal efficiency of activated carbon in the test :(1) ordinary activated carbon is used in the test, which has a low adsorption performance;

(2) Due to the limited test conditions, the low input amount of activated carbon per hour in the test means the selected ACIS is lower.activated carbon company 

Although the removal efficiency of the activated carbon on SO2 and NO measured in this test is low, the activated carbon used in circulating fluidized bed flue gas desulfurization and denitration has the advantages of simple and reliable process, low system resistance, stable desulfurization and denitration, good economic and environmental protection, NO secondary pollution and so on.

The adsorption properties of activated carbon fiber or modified activated carbon should be further studied.

Activated carbon desulfurization and denitration technology will be a promising technology for the combined removal of pollutants from coal burning. 


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