Ding Xinda activated carbon differentiation

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Another method is to heat drying, can be adsorbed most of the gas I body removal.

It is usually heated and dried at 150C for 4 to 5 hours before use.

Because of the high temperature of nylon deformation, nylon activated carbon before use at 100 ° C heating and drying 4 to 5 hours.activated carbon gold mining 

Activated carbon has no adverse adsorption effect on some substances, causing some substances to adsorb on it can not elute.activated carbon company 

Therefore, in the separation of activated carbon adsorption of the material, must first activated carbon deactivation.

The commonly used reagent for activated carbon deactivation is a long chain aliphatic compound, such as stearic acid, oleic acid, undecanoic acid, octadecane, octadecanamine, etc., among which the most common is stearic acid.

The specific methods are as follows: take activated carbon into the appropriate container, with 1.5% to make lipoacid ethanol solution immersed, 1 hour after stirring, diluted with 9 times the amount of distilled water under the titration, decompression filtration, washed with distilled water three times, filtered after air drying or vacuum drying, standby. 


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