How to make better granular activated carbon

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Affected by the change of energy prices, the enterprises that use petroleum and coke as raw materials to produce urea and methanol have successively transformed thactivated carbon company  eir gas-making systems to burn inferior coal to reduce costs.

These changes more or less to the original system and production process caused a certain impact, these new problems caused by the change of raw materials must be solved, to ensure the production of efficient and stable operation.

In view of the characteristics of large amouactivated carbon gold mining nt of matter and high content of benzene organic matter in gas, the method of removing these substances is studied and the solution is given.

In this study, the concentration of benzene, naphthalene and ash in gas before purifying feed-gas compressor was determined by chromatograph, picric acid titration and weighing method respectively. According to the measured values, the experimental flow was designed, and coke column and activated carbon column were made by themselves.

The isobarisothermal adsorption properties of activated carbon at different temperatures, at different pressures and at different flow rates were determined by using the gas produced in the system as samples.The adsorption effluent curve of benzene by activated carbon was plotted.

The effects of different temperature on the regeneration performance of activated carbon under static environment, the effects of steam at different temperature on the regeneration performance of activated carbon under dynamic environment and the effects of nitrogen at different temperature on the regeneration performance of activated carbon under dynamic environment were studied.

The experimental results showed that high pressure and low temperature were beneficial to the adsorption, and the flow rate had little effect on the equilibrium adsorption capacity in the range of experimental flow rate. The adsorption capacity of benzene by activated carbon in the experiment was 150~170mg/g under operating conditions.

At the same time, the filtration and adsorption properties of coke were tested.

The experiment shows that the adsorption performance of the test coke on benzene is very weak, can not be used as the nitrogen adsorbent, but the coke filter and adsorption performance of ash and naphthalene is very good, the content of naphthalene and ash after the gas through the coke column completely meet the design requirements.

The results show that the combined use of coke and activated carbon in the gas system can completely achieve the purpose of removing benzene, naphthalene and ash.

According to the above research results, a coke filter was designed. The application of the equipment solved the problems that the feedstock gas compressor in the urea blackening unit could not run for a long period due to the vibration caused by the scaling of the rotor, the blockage of the flow channel and the problems that the naphthalene formation in the heat exchanger affected the heat transfer effect. 


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