Chemical properties of activated carbon

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In domestic has been eliminated. Specific surface area test unified the multi-point BET method at home and abroad, specific surface area measurement standards are developed at home and abroad is based on BET test method, please see our national standard (GB/T 19587-2004) - gas adsorption BET principle of solid material specific surface area measurement methods. Specific surface area testing is actually the more time-consuming jobs, as the adsorption capacity of sample is different, some sample testing may need to spend the whole dayTime, if the test process is not fully automated, the tester can not leave at any time, and should be highly focused, observe the dashboard, control the knob, a little careless will lead to the failure of the test process, which will waste a lot of valuable time of the tester. activated carbon gold mining 

F - Sorb 2400 specific surface tester is really able to BET method detection instruments (both direct comparison method), the more important F - Sorb 2400 specific surface tester is by far the only specific surface area of the fully automated intelligent testing equipment, the test results with the international high consistency, the stability is very good also, at the same time reduce the human error, improve accuracy test results. activated carbon company 

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