80 000 -18 million vehicle shopping guide: saving choice

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In addition to appearance and price are two important factors, fuel consumption, maintenance and maintenance costs are of interest to consumers when the vehicle on three factors. Spring Festival approaches, the final celebration of the Year award to buy a good car, have a good year is the desire of many readers. Today, this newspaper in the most talked about 80,000 18 million in the interval, fuel, operation and maintenance of the three to be a car for your staff, we help you choose the car. Indicators alone can choose fuel-efficient vehicles, Japanese cars dominate. According to the survey found that most consumers choose to buy Japanese cars considered the largest of its fuel economy, followed by comfort and a beautiful design. Experts say that the trick of Japanese fuel-efficient vehicles is the light body. Spring Festival approaches, cost-conscious consumers to buy a fuel efficient car if it is not anti-Japanese cars to consider. FAW Toyota Vios manufacturers price: 94 900 137 000 yuan yuan ~ July 20 last year, FAW Toyota Vios launched a new model, the new Vios Vios in the old part of the motor 8A and 5A, the use of new Toyota VVT-i engine. According to FAW Toyota introduced the 1.5L Vios 90 kmh new fuel consumption rate constant of just 5.6L/100km, compared to the Vios higher savings rate reached 10%. The road, the new Vios is fuel consumption of 6.8 per hundred kilometers or less. The current auto market in Beijing, FAW Toyota Vios with respect to the amount of the other models offer a greater number of distributors of FAW Toyota Vios discount rate has reached 5,000 yuan. Honda Fit Price Range manufacturers guide: 94 800 116 800 RMB yuan ~ Guangzhou Honda Fit from September 2004 listed on the automobile market, the sedan mainstream economy. According to statistics, sales of more than two years to reach 130,000 vehicles fit. That fuel economy is a big plus, adjustable 1.3 liter four-cylinder models used / 8-valve fuel injection process control and quality of vehicles is only 1.05 tons, which is efficient in fuel adjustment models contributed in no small advantage. Chinese New Year is approaching, Guangzhou Honda Fit car dealership has also made more substantial concessions, manually adjustable models offer 6,000 yuan, the automatic models of the preferential margin of 7,000 yuan. Dongfeng Honda Civic Manufacturer price: 147,800 yuan ~ 188,800 yuan last year, Dongfeng Honda Civic in March list has already been felt in the market for high-class automobiles, Dongfeng Honda Civic sales of 37,880 last year, the average monthly sales 4,000 vehicles. According to the survey, most consumers Dongfeng Honda Civic is a beautiful and good management, but denied that the Civic is still inherited from the low-power Japanese cars has always been characteristic. Dongfeng Honda Civic promotional materials also continue to emphasize the power equivalent of Civic 1.8L 2.0L, while fuel consumption is equivalent to 1.5 liters. Dongfeng Honda Civic until the end of last year, the rejection of a significant stock price, currently at the Beijing auto market, the price of the Civic has been a backup, reducing the margin of preference than 5,000 models yuan. FAW Toyota Corolla 2003 Corolla models appearing on a list from the beginning, fuel economy is the focus of manufacturers. The data show that displacement of the condition MT Corolla 1.8L manual model fuel composed of just 7.6 liters per hundred kilometers, while the same level of consumption of vehicle fuel per hundred kilometers conditions integrated operation of 8.5 liters. This year, FAW Toyota plans to launch the tenth generation of Corolla Corolla --- models. Strategy FAW Toyota Corolla inclusion under the current Corolla does not stop, so the current market price of FAW Toyota Corolla car more stable, the margin of preference is 2000 yuan. Look walk
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