Emergency! Traffic Accident Help! The problem of traffic laws

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Emergency ! Traffic Accident Help ! The problem of traffic laws
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Accident Compensation scope and standards, refer to "Supreme Court case on compensation for personal injury law applicable to a range of issues of interpretation" and the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics released statistics last year to mediate. Traffic accidents between motor vehicles, resulting in personal injury and property damage, according to the following principles for the parties to mediate a total loss of: (a) the reasons for the parties assume responsibility and take 100% responsibility, (b) the primary responsibility for bear parts, have 70% responsibility, (c) the reasons for the parties have the same responsibility and assume 50% of the responsibility, (d) The parties are responsible for secondary causes, and take 30% of liabilities. Motor vehicles and motor vehicles and pedestrians, between the accident causing personal injury, property damage, the insurance liability compulsory motor vehicle third party (hereinafter referred to as third party liability) compensation limits . More safe limits to third parties by reason of taking responsibility for all motor vehicles will pay 100% of the total loss of accountability. There is evidence that no motor vehicle, damage by pedestrians, motor vehicles shall bear its own losses in all, the proportion of compensation in accordance with the following principles: (a) the motor vehicle shall bear primary responsibility should be non-motor vehicles, pedestrians, 70% of the party of responsibility, (b) cause the motor vehicle must have the same responsibility, must have non-motorized vehicles, pedestrians, 50% of liabilities, (c) the motor vehicle to take responsibility for secondary causes should be non-motorized vehicles, pedestrians, 30% of liability, (d) No vehicle may result in civil liability, must be non-motorized vehicles, pedestrians, 20% of the liability. Motor vehicle without third party insurance and motor vehicles, pedestrians in a traffic accident causing personal injury, property damage, motor vehicles, the party not at fault pedestrians, motor vehicle must bear the loss total 100% responsibility. There is evidence that no motor vehicle, damage by pedestrians, motor vehicles shall bear its own losses in all, the proportion of compensation in accordance with the following principles: (a) high-speed roads, road closures and other road traffic accidents, the engine will take care of non-motorized vehicles, pedestrians, 50% of liabilities. (B) an accident in another way, the motor vehicle must wear non-motorized vehicles, pedestrians, 60% of liabilities. And the calculation of various compensation programs are: (a) medical expenses, including medical expenses for treating the disability and to pay registration fees, examination fees, processing fees, transaction fees , medical expenses, hospitalization, rehabilitation, plastic surgery and treatment costs up fees. Payment under the certificate issued by medical institutions, medical history and other diagnostic tests to prove that. The amount of compensation for medical expenses, according to mediation before determining the actual amount. Organ recovery training for the rehabilitation necessary and appropriate follow-up treatment rates of cosmetics and other charges, may refer to mediation when the closed season standard calculations. (B) the loss of working time charges fees of the parties, the loss of working time lost working time and income to determine. Downtime for the treatment of medical institutions interested parties to determine certification. Parties to the continued loss of disabling injuries, loss of working time can be calculated to set the day before the residue. The parties have a fixed income loss, reduction in working time rates based on actual income. The parties have no fixed income, according to the Municipal Bureau of Statistics published the previous year the average wage of workers. (C) nursing care, and income according to nurses and the number of nursing care to determine the period. Nurses in revenue, according to the actual reduction in income, no income or employment of nursing care workers in relation to the same level of care, labor remuneration. In principle, the nurses, but the identification of medical institutions or agencies have a clear view, you can reference to determine the number of nursing staff. Breastfeeding should be calculated to recover the victims of hours everyday. The victim can not be restored because of a disability of daily life, according to their age, health status and other factors to determine a reasonable amount of care, but no more than two decades. (D) travel expenses of the parties and the necessary accompanying medical personnel for treatment or transfer, as well as deal with the death of the accident involving the deceased family members (no more than three) actual expenditures. Transportation must be a formal document, as appropriate credentials must be the place for medical treatment, time, number, line frequency. (E) the parties themselves and accommodation for support staff from the field to supply the city with traffic accidents, the real property. Vi) subsidies to hospitals in food in accordance with the national authorities of staff of the mission to determine the levels of food subsidy. (G) such payments as these payments means that the parties as soon as adjuvant treatment or rehabilitation of the body that dietary supplements are not buying costs. The degree of disability of the parties with reference to these payments the hospital views and evidence to determine these expenses paid. (H) disability compensation disability compensation level of the inability of the parties, in accordance with the Municipal Bureau of Statistics published the previous year, the per capita disposable income of urban residents per capita net income of rural residents, or standard, custom waste twenty years the date calculated. However, over sixty years of age, the age reduction for each additional year of age, seventy-five years old, according to the calculation of five years. (I) disability aids for disabled persons a fee in accordance with the rules of general application of the reasonable cost of computer equipment. Injury with special needs, assistive devices can be prepared in accordance with the views of organizations to determine the reasonable cost of the corresponding
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