Activated carbon project development

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When the activated carbon adsorbed impurities contained in the water, the dissolved impurities in the water accumulated on the surface of the activated carbon and were adsorbed, but also some of the adsorbed substances left the surface of the activated carbon due to the movement of molecules, and re-entered the water at the same time desorption phenomenon. When adsorption and desorption are in a state of dynamic equilibrium, it is called adsorption equilibrium. At this point, the solute concentration between activated carbon and water (i.e. solid and liquid phase) has a certain distribution ratio. If under certain pressure and temperature conditions, with m grams of activated carbon adsorption solute in the solution, the solute adsorption is X mg, then the number of activated carbon adsorption solute per unit weight q. , that is, the adsorption capacity can be calculated as follows powdered activated carbon producers 

Activated carbon treatment process is the use of adsorption method to remove odor, some ions and difficult to biodegrade organic pollutants. The specific surface area of activated carbon plays an important role in the adsorption process. At the same time, the solubility of adsorbed material in the solvent also directly affects the adsorption speed. In addition, pH, temperature and the dispersion degree of adsorbed material also have a certain influence on the adsorption speed.pelletized activated carbon suppliers 

The adsorption of impurities in water by activated carbon has both physical adsorption and chemical adsorption. Some of the adsorbed substances first accumulated on the surface of activated carbon, and then into the solid lattice atoms or molecules between the adsorption, and some special substances are combined with activated carbon molecules and are sucked. 


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