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Would like to ask the washing machine problem, thank you!1' No library stack Nian . remember -2011-12-27 23:23:37
Hi all ! I think a Bosch washing machine with drying function. We would like to ask how the quality of the Bosch washing machine ? According to the drying power cost function ? It also has a new function with a quick wash 15 minutes? ? I do not know whether to clean? Thanks before !
Washing machine1Miriam2012-02-03 01:19:58
Haier washing machine is my little miracle, automatic switch to turn on the water after washing , put the water, without water, when the switch a few times , tried one by one after the procedure (standard , economy ) after a couple of times, and occasionally have a good time to use , consult experts , how are you ? Thank you ! Now do not put water in the machine out Jisi .
Will the washing machine and the Washing Machine Which is better?1Owe2012-05-14 20:30:24
The washing machine and laundry which is effect ? How to add the laundry machine when the water overflow ?
Kidd washing machine0Lamber2012-07-20 04:27:02
May I ask how the quality of the washing machine Kidd,
Washing machine did not turn1Myro2012-03-31 22:51:11
My semi - automatic washing machine is turning at the same time first, then either turn hears buzzing hand mark only after electrification can also dial does not move (not electrify still be marked with the movement of the hand)
Haier washing machine filter how to get it down?1Adoni2012-03-14 20:58:47
No detail ? The debris in a pile ! We !
Will the Little Swan Washing Machine manufacturers are there?1walrus2012-01-26 18:23:35
The production of small amount of washing machine manufacturers in the day there? Name? Phone?
Need an economical washing machine, what do you recommend?0Billyman2022-09-21 05:40:50
Saving energy is not only good for your bank account, because less energy equals less money; it's also good for the environment. It may be more expensive to purchase an energy efficient washer and dryer in advance, but you will save money in the long run. The Electrolux washing machine has been Energy Star certified as the most energy efficient on the market. https://homealliance.com/services/electrical  there is a lot of information on this site. 
How do I find gearbox simpson washing machine?1Zoe2012-02-17 00:54:20
Simpson Enduro 801 of the gearbox assembly . Are they available ? ? ? ? ? ?
Can You Put a Memory Foam Pillow in the Washing Machine?0rossflynn4832021-12-09 00:38:36
If you have ever had trouble sleeping, or are just always cold, then you may want to give the new trend of memory foam pillows a try. But one thing you might not know is that can they actually be put in a washing machine? The short answer is yes, you can indeed put your memory foam pillow in the washing machine. And many people actually do this on a regular basis. The reason why people do this is because the pillows can get very dirty and must be cleaned regularly in order to keep them clean. This is because memory foam has a tendency to absorb stains and odors especially if it has been used for some time and not washed off. So if you have a pillow that has been stained or may have become too dirty, then throwing it in the washing machine is actually a good idea. What is a Memory Foam Pillow? A memory foam pillow is a type of pillow that uses polyurethane and gel aero gel to produce a soft yet firm feel. Memory foam pillows create a pocket of air inside the pillow, which responds to movement and becomes softer and more buoyant, providing support for the cervical spine and head. The pillow is filled with a gel-like substance that conforms to the shape of the head and neck. The result is an incredibly comfortable and supportive pillow. The most effective way to cool your pillow is by using an ice pack. Cleaning your memory foam pillow should be done as often as needed or when it becomes damaged. There are several ways to clean a memory foam pillow. The best way to clean a memory foam pillow is to use a mild detergent-free soap. This will leave your best memory foam pillow smelling fresh and clean. Take your pillow out of the dryer (or place it in a warm room) and squeeze out the excess water. Can You Put Memory Foams in the Washing Machine? Sure, you can wash your memory foam pillow in your washing machine. Though it's not an advisable idea. Putting a memory foam pillow in the washing machine is not recommended because the high temperatures may cause the material to degrade faster than normal. The pillow should be spot cleaned only. As with all cleaning, it is very important to remember that our memory foam pillows are made of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is a very durable material but it is still a material and like all materials, it should be cleaned occasionally to maintain its quality. As with all cleaning, it is very important to remember that our memory foam pillows are made of polyurethane foam. Polyurethane is a very durable material but it is still a material and like all materials, it should be cleaned occasionally to maintain its quality. Our memory foam pillows are machine washable. The following is a list of ingredients used in the manufacture of our memory foam pillows: As with all cleaning, it is very important to remember that our memory foam pillows are made of polyurethane foam. After Care Instructions I don't know how to answer this question. I did a lot of research and came up with some tips, but I never found someone who would give me a definitive answer. The best that I can do is offer you some advice on how to care for your memory foam pillow. Check out the blog post for more information! This is a very important question. We spend so much of our lives in bed, and sleep is what makes life bearable. Sleeping is important for good health, since a lack of sleep can lead to drowsiness, weight gain, and even an increased risk of heart disease. It is important to have a mattress that will keep you comfortable. It is important to have a mattress that can help you sleep better. The first thing to look for when choosing a good memory foam pillow is the quality of the materials used. The higher the quality of the materials, the better the quality of your sleep will be. The better the quality of your sleep, the healthier you will be. If you are looking for a new mattress, it is important to take your time and research well so that you can be sure that you are getting the best deal. There are a lot of different types of mattresses, and it can be difficult to know what is the best mattress for you. The internet has made it easy to find out about various mattresses and this can make the decision much easier. Pros: Prices Cons: Noise The answer to that question is no, but you probably have an idea of why. The noise will bother anyone who is trying to sleep, and it might even cause the machine to malfunction. For these reasons, I would only recommend putting a pillow in the dryer for a short time to help with wrinkles. Still, with all of the other nice features that this dryer offers, I do not see a reason why manufacturers don't offer a quieter model. Why and How to use a memory foam pillow Memory foam is a type of viscoelastic material that was first developed in the late 1950s by Dr. William McKibben and Dr. Robert Best. It has been used for many purposes, including as a therapeutic tool to help people with chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety disorders. Memory foam also provides great support for neck and back problems and promotes sound sleep because it conforms to your body shape and adapts over time to your sleeping position. Conclusion You can put a memory foam pillow in the washing machine. In fact, the pillow will be just as clean as before you washed it. The pillow will not be damaged. The memory foam inside the pillow may still be intact. You can use the wash cycle without damaging your pillow, and in fact, you might have to wash it more often because of the dirt on your pillow. Washable memory foam pillows are a great way to extend the life of your pillows.    
Underwear and socks can be washed with a washing machine can do together1Marian2012-03-31 03:39:15
What underwear and socks can be washed along with the washer may
Ask Haier Washing Machine Siemens dual power and which to buy?0sharmeka2012-09-29 23:54:02
Ask Siemens Haier Washing dual power and to buy ? He said the trend drum washing machine , right?

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