Distribution and price of activated carbon

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As the main energy source in our country, the pollutants produced by coal burning during the development and utilization of coal also worsen the atmospheric environment day by day.

The control of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides pollution from coal burning has become the most urgent task in atmospheric environment control. granular activated charcoal 

At present, China has applied some flue gas purification technologies such as wet, semi-dry, dry desulfurization, selective catalytic reduction denitration, wet combined desulfurization and denitration technology, electron beam method and so on.

These technologies are developed and applied only for one kind of pollutant, resulting in problems such as resource waste, large initial investment and high operating cost.coal activated carbon supplier 

Therefore, it is an important subject for sustainable development to study the green and environment-friendly integrated flue gas purification technology with high efficiency, low cost and no secondary pollution.

Activated carbon has a large specific surface area, good microporous structure, strong regeneration ability, is a good adsorption material.

Activated carbon can realize desulfurization and denitration at the same time, no secondary pollution and renewable utilization of resources.

At present, the adsorption device of activated carbon adsorption process reported in the literature is mainly fixed bed, and this process has the disadvantages of large equipment, large bed resistance, poor continuity and so on. 


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