Are Memory Foam Pillows Washable?

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Memory foam pillows are touted as the best sleep tool for those who suffer from neck and back pain. However, what might surprise you is that they're washable! Memory foam pillows can be washed in a machine and these machines take care of the drying process as well. Find out more about this useful feature and how it can help you sleep better at night.

What makes a good memory foam pillow?

Memory foam pillows are not washable, but they are easily cleaned. If you have a memory foam pillow that is too uncomfortable or does not provide enough support for your neck, then you can place it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water and mild detergent. Afterward, you should let the pillow air dry naturally.

What are the benefits of memory foam?

Memory foam pillows are washable, but if you want to extend the life of your pillow, it's recommended to hand wash. Memory foam can also be easily cut with scissors for changes in size. Memory foam mattresses are a great solution for those sleeping on the ground, as they keep your body from sinking into the mattress. Memory foam mattresses are also great for anyone suffering from back pain or other spinal problems. They help you sleep in a more upright position without the pressure put on your back and neck. They also help to elevate your body when lying down, reducing the risk of a slipped disc.

How to clean a memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows are notoriously difficult to clean. The best option is to vacuum-sweep the fabric or takes it outside and washes it in a washing machine. If you want to be proactive, you can try a mixture of half water and half a mild detergent, followed by a quick spray of distilled white vinegar. If you want to be more extreme, you can try using upholstery cleaner which contains fabric or upholstery protectant.

Pros and cons of memory foam pillows

The good news about memory foam pillows is that they can be easily washed as you would any other pillow. The bad news is that memory foam pillows are much heavier than other types of pillows and require more time and effort to clean. As far as comfort goes, memory foam pillows are less likely to cause any problems for anyone with back pain. They are also very comfortable for side sleepers.

Best Memory Foam Pillow

We all know that memory foam pillows are amazing for your neck pain, but what about the rest of the pillow? Memory foam pillows can be washed in a washing machine or similar cleaner when they get too dirty. Well, this pillow does too.

This pillow is made with memory foam so you can sleep on it freely without having to worry about it being too soft or too hard. It comes in three sizes: Twin, Full and Queen. The images on this pillow are great and I love the color scheme. This pillow is the same color scheme that is used in the picture above, except it has a gold border around it. I think this would be great for any bedroom since it doesn’t look too feminine or too masculine. 


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