Activated carbon ding Xinda sales

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Chapter 1 This project adopts the company's own large amount of monolayer stone which can be dried and preserved and treated with solution

Preparation method of graphite namely graphene.granular activated charcoal 

Raw materials are commonly used graphite and common chemicals, easy to operate, easy to enlarge. It solves the problem that graphene materials are expensive and cannot enter the field of industrial application without large-scale production. It provides a basis for large-scale application of graphene.Using the super conductivity and large specific surface area of graphene solves the problem that the traditional activated carbon material can no longer improve the electric storage performance when used on the electrode. Complete set of equipment in addition to solve the industrial method of graphene liquid phase composite to activated carbon materials for super capacitor, and can be activated activated carbon materials at room temperature. Complete sets of equipment meet the requirements of cleaner production. coal activated carbon supplier  


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