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moto e680i USB problems1Maria2012-02-24 02:48:23
My phone motoE680I , the first day on the computer with the USB charging all good. Today, then connect the computer screen does not recognize USB devices that this device is not working properly I changed this is not my computer is set up is wrong
moto e680i want to play the game also need advance emulator brush machine?1Tracy2012-02-22 11:27:58
New machine !
MOTO L7 game installation problems1turkey2012-03-29 01:12:33
Preparation: l7 cell phone a computer, a data line to download the game : 1. Download the game must be a JAR format ( Note : Some games download are compressed form, the need to decompress , and some do not remove , remember ) 2. Set the phone on the "Connect " USB memory card Settings ". 3. With a data cable to connect telephones and computers. 4. Cut or copy the game files for the mobile phone " Kjava years. 5 . Unplug your phone and computer connections . 6 . Enter mobile games and applications, "Memory Card " to install new applications. See you next game, the right ( Note : If you do not find the game, could be the next party is not in the JAR format , or extract is not) and then click play "installation . All OK 7 . Remember Remember , we need answers ! I wish you all happy gaming ! I left the game in the tarball and extract and copy to my L7, go to games and applications , can not find the time to install the game, I've done a lot of games are the same , I saw the pressure of the solution after the JAR file format , no one , I hope that helps! ~ ~
E680I Bluetooth1 ___ ゛ 尐 Ting Yang -2012-03-01 01:31:10
Others use the phone to my Bluetooth cell phone can not upload things do not happen to find the device at the top shows the blue Yes I have to drive my election as Bluetooth is also well to find the object or other mobile device screen does not teacher can find help
About E680I phone screensavers?1Arche2012-03-15 01:57:15
I came to the memory card of the computer, the animation could have been active, but do not know why not move ? Please help people understand ? ?
What Motorola E680i with better battery1Brent2012-02-02 17:40:08
I use Motorola E680i phone battery is not very good , so we would ask both durable and will not affect the battery life of the machine
moto foot co, ltd1ox2012-02-19 22:33:44
Hello, any experience with foot Moto Co, Ltd?
How does the novel read on Moto L61Bolton2012-03-10 01:33:54
Posted some novel does not have time to look over the network, want to come to hand in the machine, P2K Moto- TXT files on the drive in the phone call that the way that I had fallen , I can trust others to move from one book to see ~ ~ me with blue tooth now just depressed not take yourself out , playing Caboodle software is not to be answered lane, asking people saying prawns detailed points is ~ the bird dish from time to time
Will help with what cross MOTO-A12001Hira2012-02-14 03:28:29
Bought this machine yesterday, bought a heart with respect to accuracy , the ring of this machine is good then do not listen completely in a quiet , shake to lose too, it does not look like the report. It is also used to be such ah , still have even if they have method to control the ringer volume is so great? ? ?
MOTO L7, strange icons?1mojtaba nadimi 2012-01-09 22:06:11
L7 see something strange, information signals , but generally should not be. Check out that along with a pencil and one thing , what it means. There is another, but also do not understand.
MOTO C975 Brush how ah?1Isaa2012-02-23 21:53:11
My MOTO C975 is the version R24 AI U 80.2F.881 want to change? What can? How brush ah ? What software to use ah ? How to get ah ? Specifically it. .
moto ROKR E1 now licensed it?1Messiah 2012-02-01 02:40:08
Moto ROKR E1 now licensed? How to buy? (Shanghai), that paradise has the kind of store?

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