aquatic feed pellet production line, fish feed extruder machine, fish feed pellet making machine

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We know that in the process of aquatic feed pellet production line, in addition to ensure reasonable formula, it is important processing technology must be gentle, to extend the feed water soluble in water. It is very important for aquatic animals' health and feed extruder machine, extruding and granulating technology, while minimizing cost, guarantee the best product quality and maximize revenue.At the same time can produce the largest feed digestibility and more ideal feed conversion rate, improve the overall health.

fish feed extruder machine

Aquaculture Feed Production Ingredients

Fish meal, shrimp head meal, seashell powder...etc.

Fish meal is not only a good animal protein feed that balances protein and amino acids, but also a good feed for balancing minerals, especially trace elements.

aquatic feed pellets for farming

Aquaculture Feed Processing Flow

Because of the variety of aquaculture feed, the change of raw materials, the high requirement of crushing fineness and the poor fluidity of the materials, the production technology of aquaculture extruded pellet feed is high.

aquatic feed pellets for farming

To achieve the above requirements, the key technology lies in the process of aquaculture feed production. Among them, the extruding and pellet making process, the preconditioning and the final quality control process will jointly determine the characteristics of the final product. Fusmar Machinery as fish feed pellet making machine manufacturer will provide you with the best technology and products to help you get quality aquatic feed. 


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