The role of activated carbon in the pharmaceutical industry

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Especially in the field of medicine, activated carbon, as a highly effective gastrointestinal cleaning agent, can effectively adsorb pesticide residues, fungicides, heavy metals, dioxins, various pathogenic bacteria and toxins in the digestive tract and human body that damage human health or cause disease wastes, harmless to human body.wholesale activated carbon pellet 

With the rapid development of pharmaceutical preparation industry and primary molecular material industry, the microencapsulated activated carbon products coated with polymer materials have been successfully trial-produced in foreign countries, and applied in clinical practice, the medical care and treatment effect is very good, many of them have been put into the market, and have achieved good economic and social  

It is worth noting that there is a shortage of activated carbon in China. For a long time, the production of drugs using activated carbon as raw materials has been kept in the laboratory, and no products have been marketed or used in clinical trials.

Experts said that with the continuous improvement of people's life quality and health care consciousness enhancement, as well as the rapid development of all kinds of industrial, environmental pollution has been increasingly serious, people an opportunity to contact with a variety of harmful material, activated carbon and activated carbon as the leading raw material to produce medicines and health products, medical market will become a major conventional leading consumer products, 

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