Chemical properties of activated carbon

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Powdered activated carbon

The general use of medicinal or chemical pure activated carbon. This kind of activated carbon particles is very fine, in powder form, the total surface area is particularly large, the adsorption capacity is very strong, the adsorption capacity is also very large, is the strongest kind of activated carbon adsorption force. But because the particles are too fine, the flow rate is too slow in the process of chromatography, the operation of pressure or decompression is needed, the procedure is more complicated, and the adsorption selectivity of various components is also poor, so it is less used in chromatography.activated charcoal powder 

Medicinal or chemical pure activated carbon before leaving the factory after impurity treatment and metal limit inspection, can be used directly for chromatography. Industrial activated carbon is not processed by impurities before leaving the factory, often contains metal ions, affecting the separation effect, so it must be treated before use, its treatment methods are two 


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