Two killed installed the software and can not find the drive

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Asked at 2011-12-23 06:27:20
It also installed a few days ago , killing two soft , rises after the computer off, and I want to install the system, says he can not find the drive , the drive must be the C drive that hard, right? ¿ I can install two soft kill No refund can make the hard drive?
Answer1ChaseAnswered at 2011-12-26 04:48:19
Two anti -virus software you see is what it is. If Kabbah and rising, then certainly not. If indeed ewidoYI Kabbah . Now I'm on the use of these two anti -virus software. And reloaded several times and no problem ah. What is key is to install antivirus software, and if the heavy equipment of the second person to say , change the BIOS , the use of CD- ROM, and then install it. Remember that antivirus software can install two or even more, but look that does not support this line a lot , find yourself first , not the best anti- virus software . Only compatible and complementary with the use of anti -virus is the best. Of course, if nobody is going to be against viruses in general.
Answer2 Answered at 2022-10-05 09:32:18
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