Whitewashing the problem, urgent!

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Wall area of 200 square meters, the renewal of the family home , the wall is very smooth, not fade and the phenomenon , but some of the old color , and I'd like to brush again, want to buy Dulux , and ask you under what I have to brush a few times , the need for the rig and the top layer ?
Answer1WendyAnswered at 2012-02-23 23:41:01
If the wall is very smooth, without cracks and potholes , only to see the new re -painting, may be as follows : 1, the wall above the water ( wetting the original wall , shovel time and effort ) 2, while moisture to the eradication of the original wall had been part of the flood until the putty into the open. 3, so that the wall is dry , the putty (like the original wall position to do it twice , each time you dry thoroughly and then having to wait to do next time ), 4, putty again after each sanded smooth. 5, in the order of the primer dry putty and brush (or roller) , ground twice, ending three times, each time to wait is completely dry before taking the next time . The amount of paint is on this , finish: 18 l / barrel barrel is greater than 5 liters per barrel 3 per barrel , less points. Primer: 5 l / 4 barrel kegs .
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