Is the activity of ” of “ win a prize in a lottery that award receives after making money first fraud?

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The activity of "" to win a prize in a lottery prize is after making money fraud in the first place?
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The Chinese consumer society consumed caution: In that suddenly being informed consumer when the award, but should provide the capacity, such as individual income tax or notary to receive bonus award in the first place, the meddling "of this kind of" Chinese consumer society warns broad customer: I find this matter to want sober, increase surveillance, was not deceived. In July 2007, a consumer of the week is the surname of Anhui mew lake Gao Loujie a local supermarket buying discovered "win a prize in the lottery" some blocks within the cargo box of toothpaste, according the "person of the prize award" early or late calls allegedly committed individual income tax 40 000 yuan, the discovery is deceived then disastrous. As we learned at the end of the December 7, 2007, Guangzhou LAN palm clean sample of high consumer phone line of the limited liability company and Guangzhou Loujie limited Gao, receive regarding arrival "of winning a prize in a lottery of this type of "from and other places of Anhui, Hunan, Beijing in 1335 to seek advice regarding the running total, among them, it is believed that by accident, 14 consumer complaint having been deceived. Take the investigation further similar incident occurs also in the daily cost of consumption, such as toothpaste another brand of chewing gum. Look from the area of ​​occurrence and frequency case, the fraud of "winning a prize in a lottery of this type of" still has extended the force distensible. Trick to scam illegal element is basically: Bogus "win a prize in a lottery joins the bloc," "to blow up the" secret punch the card in the product that is relatively familiar with consumers, and most have and ldquo; award, "want to get" premium "office as the individual income tax of a certain amount" of the person who must pay the "cost of the prize or award of attorney. And indeed, the activity nominal sponsors a company that never carry out a similar activity which is rewarding. When Spring Festival comes, the possibility that illegal elements use the traditional consumer fastigium bunco will be larger. For this, the Chinese consumer society recalls a broad consumer attention: One, the "to" win a prize in a lottery that pays the carrying capacity as the individual income tax, the cost of attorney to add the first reward to any need, not everyone wants to believe. 2, activity "to" win a prize in a lottery sponsored by a single unit is legal tax income retained by the debtor. The common ground, he says, is "consumer" win a prize in a draw back, to deliver the red, gold to receive the prize not need to pay a full share with him any pocket otherwise. If the person wins a prize in the lottery is the form of cash, retain required to respond to the payroll deduction acting on the generation of the premium paid by the customer, and should not ask the consumer pays before the others begin. To not be the "to" win a prize in a lottery in the form of cash, the amount remaining after the process industry and asked Wu discounted mobile units 20% tax on gross receipts of winning a prize in a lottery prize clearly. Sponsor a unit that has no right to collect a prize in a tax individual income lottery person. 3, place the lottery is committed notarized request of the meeting at which the lottery is the unit sponsors paid attorney notary fees, not to win a prize in a lottery in the hand of a person, respectively. adjustment prize Affected and extend the other charge generation in accordance with practice that passes through at present, have an actual force, a fault promoter support unit to be assumed by oneself. 4, " People's Republic of China is opposed to unfair competition law "thirteenth regulation, the sale that is the reward" type of lottery, the prize amount does not exceed 5,000 yuan "means any lottery prize has to sell the place set to award more than 5,000 yuan illegal action attribute. For superior "award of 5000 yuan lot of kind of lottery," the more the consumer must pay attention, I do not believe that not only being the answer to be terminated to the branch in question.
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