Want to do chain to join in industry, but want to prevent be but how want to prevent, decieved?

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Want to join the chain in the industry, but want to avoid it but how do you want to prevent , deceived ?
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See display of Dalian has a lot of locksmith has headquarters to participate in the procurement inn, can often go in the number inn filled with water, they claim to participate in inn itself is as high as the number, but if the number of Internal really is like claiming both, the exterior is often unknown, it is the desire to confirm, ask the host to provide better means to know, all the links in the list of bed, the person that join in consequence, but the list, go to your reality visitting to join in an inn, to join merchant speaks of the current administration, as well as to show how you can achieve the result actualer. Right of gold because gold is closed right is durative clean, collect fees when joining some headquarters can make an appointment with the autograph, the person meets the requirement opens the check that gives the gold to the right of the sum within the contract period, in addition to setting a date to be limited to 5 years, for example, gold has the right to such payment year, the person headquarters to join some question the right of Gold 5 years, a bill raises Cikaiqi 5 pieces to capture the seat. This case you ever occurs later, the whole store who unite in some system of 2 years, because the business is not beautiful and close down, but make an appointment with principles but in the autograph when capture verification is already open Wunian Qi gold right gives barracks. Join in gross profit rate claims to be able to carry out the gross profit to ensure that this covers the system headquarters of his own accord, basically being larger dimensions, and headquarters can essence of life can understand participate in the inn battalion closes reach the amount of sales, even as the peak-call convenience compulsive shopping, retail outlets and build the system, all together in the inn of goods sold, how many gross profits have so clear as day, you can set the mechanism, the ability of the host is able to take to ensure gross institution. But the chain of most libraries in the system is attached, join a pick up in itself all rights, the site is well join the force to acknowledge to a feed of the inn is relatively weak, bind at the inn of how turnover does every day, the seat can not normally allowed essence of life to dominate, so that, once the seat that attaches itself to one of claims, benefit ensures villi, the person that join in the cake so you can get the eyes, not fall, enter hole. The person that join in the seat is not registered service mark chapter to join in combinations to guarantee the rights and interests, you should ask them to join the headquarters produce service menu chapter mark when the autograph is made date, of course participate, is the seat gives the authorization of the trademark is used to participate in inn. In other words, the seat should want to own this brand first, the ability to participate in credit offers Inn. That is, the seat must obtain the service order mark the place of the Bureau issues belongings smart card to register just to go first. Therefore, the person who is to join before joining, they want to claim the seat of this brand has a really first without fail, the ability of a person's thoughts to join in. The person who joins the requirement to signed on the spot to participate in any part in the seat that quickly spread about the inn, right of the person that bind to accept everything that is not only, without choosing, be even with first-time interview the person bind to time, you can still announce to the person that join in to be signed on the ground immediately about the person who join temporarily if not discussed, below the state that has not made clear in Hunan, was made an appointment easily over the dedication of the Tu Hu in the dough and divide into trap. Some of joining at headquarters, to the right of the person that join in is to be without choice, gold alliance can occur simultaneously sign the capture of the person who should join together in one about excessive float open to join, after the person that join at the join, with support from the headquarters of natural and less opposing coaches, join in the business of the inn is close friends, you can also ask a lot of happiness to oneself only. Agreement is specific to participate in inn offers the person who come together to visit the person that join in before joining them, you can often see first and join the practice at the inn runs a state, and the seat can also be arranged a showcase of a few to offer the person who come together to look around normally, and from the host wants to fix, the store with outstanding achievement can arrange a few particularly good, of course, gives the person who come together to look around, visit an inn to choose not only the period of time is repeatedly also must choose, choose store hours aiguille flow meets only much, therefore, entitled of the person that join in creating a false appearance of a few very easily.
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