Latex construction process and notes

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Latex construction process and notes
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The painting is also used in home decoration more, building walls and wooden furniture are used to fight the system, but many people tend to ignore the link. So how should the construction of paint, we look at the process of building it. Ceramic tiles for Mona Lisa Wells, the process of building cleaning, putty to load the bases, local putty, smoothing, first complete the putty, smoothing the second filling the putty, smoothing, brushing brushing primer re consolidate -make of the first coating step putty, smoothing, polishing, painting by an adult to pay the second time live. Second, the building blocks of primary treatment is the key to ensuring the quality of construction, which guarantees the basic condition of the wall is completely dry, the general should be more than 10 days. The wall must be formed, must be at least twice as scraping putty, to meet the standards. Method of construction of latex paint brush can be used by hand with a brush, roller and spraying. Brushing should be a quick operation continues, brushing. Brushing latex paint should be uniform, not polluted brush, flow and so on. Planing, sanding again. In general, you should be more than doubled. Third, pay attention (1) filler and coating performance should be supportive, solid company, no dust, peel, crack. Office use putty wet water cleanliness. (2) to completely mix the coating solution, the viscosity is not too large it may be appropriate to increase the viscosity small can add a thickener. (3) Construction of the temperature above 10 degrees Celsius. Board can not have a lot of dust. It is best to avoid the rain. Links: Making switch that can cause a fire hazard XI
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