Chemical properties of activated carbon

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Activated carbon is a kind of carbon adsorption material with rich pore structure and high specific In view of the above problems, through in-depth analysis of the carbonization process of activated carbon, the design of FX2N PLC as the core controller, Mitsubishi touch screen as the man-machine interface automatic control system, to achieve the automatic control of the carbonization section, improve the degree of automation of equipment. powdered activated carbon supplier 

The quality of activated carbon is directly affected by the control performance of furnace temperature and pressure of carbonization furnace.activated carbon pellets wholesale  

The carbonization process of carbonization furnace is a complex chemical reaction process, which has the characteristics of multivariable coupling, nonlinear, time delay and so on.

It is difficult to establish accurate mathematical model for furnace outlet temperature and furnace tail pressure, and it is difficult to realize it by means of general control process.

Through the comparison and analysis of the fuzzy PID control and the parameter self-adjusting fuzzy PID control simulation, the final determination of the parameter self-adjusting fuzzy PID control algorithm, the blower and induced draft fan speed adjustment, the simulation shows that the control effect is good, has a certain application value. 

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