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Guangzhou ** apparel company clothing company is a liar it?1HERSHEYS2012-07-19 10:49:02
I am yesterday ** and Mr. Cai Liangshan clothing company in a good buy a skin, paid the same day that promised to send clothes, but clothes do not express the next day, he said, the financial order that will have to buy two shipments , so make a dress in two parts , the results of article I have given clothes and colors , and he asked me the model number and size of the assembly line , and now the phone does not pass and registered with the telephone company Alibaba does not pass, I think, this must be a liar, we must pay attention to the points after theHa!
is a liar company?1bald_eagle2012-05-09 00:50:37
May I ask you that the company is not liar1gull_seagull2012-02-21 00:37:52
We set the price of 2,200 yuan of goods is relatively low, but not pay Paul said it was because there had been only after the first success the company has communicated to 10,000 yuan, but the rest of cash on delivery of goods and agreed after seeing the inspection of goods , two days after receipt of payment for goods on the phone other than the first kick, but the balance can not transfer or receive was beaten first inspection we do not agree with the results of other phone models now look at the goods does not pass the ¿ I can ask that the company is not a liar
Hui Hua Textile Co., Ltd. Jiande ask the company you are a liar.1bri-bri2012-10-07 19:11:02
They now have to recruit our past, that they might particularly acute. That arrived a day or two. The Internet still can not find their company too much information.
Wenzhou Trading Company is not a liar1Bancrof2012-05-24 18:14:37
Wenzhou Trading Company is a liar
Binzhou City, Jia Hao Trading Company is not a liar1 ゞ ﹏ ? locked -2012-02-20 19:30:00
Binzhou City , Jia Hao Trading Company is a liar
** Industrial packaging company, Shanghai is a liar for help, how can I do ah1bnmvbmn 2012-04-14 20:31:29
Shanghai Industrial ** ( packaging machinery ) is a great liar , be careful ah, you just bought an inkjet printer , bought the first day of the initial repairs , the head of Zou ** This is the machine normal debug , and the letter from us. 1 day later. 10 days after 30 days , repaired 28 consecutive times, when the day up 3 lots of technical personnel, and now a word erupted, customers of the box to the loss of a lot , which is a loss of support for a large number of machines that can not be used. It took more than 40,000 to buy the machine, a screen, the machine started a section on the fly. Master at the time of repair also fly several times to repair the main engine is also very nice to say , no way , the boss does not agree to retire , have no choice but to repair, but can be repaired is also normal ah, screw changed. 30 times. It does not work , then we ask for, or refund , Zou ** boss said, not the boss , he is working , you see the business information industry in Shanghai ** , ** Zou is the legal representative of the bank when money is called his own, began threatening to our call and said to mix in society , we will get in trouble less , they will not be mocked brothers are singing, but I have nothing to do with it , our son of 4 bought a machine in relation to more than recognize? By you in relation to the threat of it ? The legal community has ? Still later, the boss does not answer the phone. Daze looking at the machine every day , I guarantee your life , the above information published jointly and severally liable. If the lowest false, would be willing to bear all the punishments.
Bengbu, Anhui, five macro trading company is liar?1Donahu2012-04-09 23:09:13
I can buy five of Bengbu city to view information in the information commerce macro purchase the company, would like to work with him, but was afraid of being deceived, to network operators that the company is not a liar ?
Is there who know Shenzhen Huatian Zhuo Yue Technology Co., Ltd. A company is not a liar1Just smile. Hello. God, continued 2012-05-25 20:22:59
Thank you ! ! !
What links Dandong food supplies Co., Ltd. is a liar company?1 복수 고유명사 2012-01-07 23:53:37
We are in Alibaba , called DHL to send the sample is not paid, said a couple of days hundreds of thousands of Korean businessmen have orders to sign the contract in the past, have a good thing?
Dandong East Food Trading Company is a liar?0smart guy2012-07-01 13:21:23
The company let me go with him to discuss a North Korean project, the company concerned is a liar, can not go, can I go?
(Chongqing Fuling Wang Industrial Development Co., Ltd.) is the company up, is not a liar1Astrid2012-01-21 07:11:06
Chongqing Fuling show a few days ago received a phone call , said Wang Industrial Co., Ltd. We will send samples represent what products a couple of days later the king mask filter, which is not a liar Well gang , I have received a few, the phone is my cell phone number online is cheating on them to see Oh.

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