High quality activated carbon is available

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Due to the formation of complex between activated carbon and the host, the complex catalyst increases the catalytic activity. For example, the activated carbon containing palladium salt, even without the presence of copper salt catalyst, the oxidation reaction of ene can also be catalyzed, and the speed is fast and the selectivity is high. www.powdered-activated-carbon.com 

Because activated carbon has developed fine pore structure, huge internal surface area and good heat resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, can be used as a catalyst carrier. For example, in organic chemistry, hydrogenation, dehydrogenation, cyclamation, isomerization and other reactions, activated carbon is an excellent catalyst for platinum, palladium.

Mechanical property of activated carbon

(1) particle size: a set of standard screening method is used to calculate the weight of activated carbon left and passed through each sieve, indicating particle size distribution.

(2) static density or heap density: diet pore volume and intergranular space volume of the weight of activated carbon per unit volume. (3) volume density and particle density: the weight of activated carbon per unit volume of the diet of pore volume rather than the diet of intergranular space volume.pelletized activated carbon 

(4) strength: that is, the crushing resistance of activated carbon.

(5) wear resistance: that is, wear resistance or abrasion resistance.

These mechanical properties directly affect the application of activated carbon, for example: density affects the size of the container; The thickness of powder carbon affects filtration; The distribution of particle size affects the fluid resistance and pressure drop. Fragmentation affects the service life of activated carbon and regeneration of waste carbon. 


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