Applications of tire recycling

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For the manufacture of speed reducers,the most used raw material is rubber powder. The speed reducers manufactured by means of the discarded tire granule are highly effective. It is molding significantly reduces the impacts caused to the vehicle and at the same time increases safety on tracks. The cushioning is its main characteristic. Wide Application of Rubber Powder

The use of recycled tire granules as a filler in sports fields, mainly used in sports such as football, tennis or football among others has great advantages, by achieving a cushioning effect that significantly reduces the player’s injuries and allows the player to same play more effectively.

Offering the same cushioning properties as artificial turf padding in which the player is protected from injury, the on-site casting technique allows for the paving of athletic tracks and other types of court using the recycled tire granule in specific sizes. Always respecting the official guidelines required in each sports federation.

You can pave floor playgrounds with designs and figures made directly on the paved surface through the technique of casting in situ, which offers a wide creative freedom to design spaces that are friendly and safe for children. These floors have the same cushioning properties as mentioned above and prevent injuries to children that fall in these areas of play while protecting them from scratches.


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