The use of activated carbon and water refining

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Adding appropriate chemical reagents will play the role of catalytic oxidation [73], and these chemical reagents will also increase the active point of activation reaction, which is conducive to

the development of activated carbon pores. 

Now at home and abroad the main research work is mainly the following aspects: a, additive in the functional mechanism of manufacturing activated carbon energy gao jun of China university of mining mechanism of additives in the manufacturing activated carbon made detail [4, pointed out that: the catalyst in the carbonization stage prompted carbon the destruction of the molecular structure of aromatic raw materials, to "structure" of disordering, provides a good initial activation reaction conditions, is an important factor to improve the activation of activated carbon pore. In the process of activation, potassium to strengthen the directionality of the pore, thereby reducing the unnecessary on ignition, and accelerated the process of pore forming,

And pore distribution is given priority to with microporous activated carbon; refractory in the catalyst to ash content of SiO2 and Al, 03, etc, into acid soluble potassium nepheline chemical compounds such as magnesium and calcium silicon stone is the key to improve pickling deliming rate factor b and additives on the activated carbon adsorption properties, pore structure and pore size distribution - adding different additives. The influence of the activated carbon: c, chemicals for coking products. coal based granular activated carbon  

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