Benefits of Tire Recycling

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You have heard so much about tire recycling. And now you are wondering what you stand to gain. Well, recycling waste tires offers immeasurable benefits. And not just to only you. It comes with various benefits to the world.

Are you still not convinced? Here a few of the benefits that come with tire recycling.

1. Creates New Products

You can recycle waste tires into useful products. Particularly, you can derive fuel that is even more efficient than fuel derived from coal, from recycled tires.

Rubberized asphalt, playground turf, railroad ties, and flooring are examples of products you can make by recycling waste tires. It is interesting to note that tire recycled products are often better than normal alternatives. A good example is a rubberized asphalt, which is both more durable and provides better skid resistance than the normal ones. Global leader in cost-effective turnkey tire recycling systems price . Our systems deliver optimum production performance and profitability at the industry’s most affordable costs for TDS (Tire Derived Shreds), wire free chips, rubber mulch, crumb rubber, and fine rubber powder, used in a variety of applications worldwide. 

Many DIY projects are proving the many benefits tire recycling offers. Garden planters, outdoor furniture, playground equipment, fiber steel, and nylon can be derived from recycling tires.

Overall, when you recycle tires, you’re creating an opportunity for new products. Even more, the production process is less cumbersome, meaning cheaper products.

2. Reduces Volume of Tire on Landfill Space

Because of their large sizes and hollow shapes, tires take up plenty of space in landfills. By recycling tires, we are saving up space on landfills for other difficult waste recycling.

Besides, tires are nonbiodegradable, that is, they don’t break down into their natural forms. This can lead to environmental concerns such as water and air pollution, blocking of drainage systems, and causing harm to animals. A reduced volume of tires on landfills will automatically reduce this challenge.

3. Helps to Prevent Diseases

When you discard old tires at home, you are providing an enabling environment for disease-carrying rodents. Waste tires accumulate stagnant water, which breeds mosquito and causes malaria, amongst others. Tires are also potential homes for snakes, rodents, and other vectors.

Therefore, taking these tires for recycling helps you prevent these diseases. You clear your home of unwanted visitors and stay safe.

4. Prevents Fires and Pollution

We must also mention that while tires serve as fuel, burning them leads to serious environmental pollution. Apart from being difficult to quench, they produce black, thick smoke. This, in turn, contaminates soil and water in the surroundings, causing serious damage to marine life, soil nutrients, and agriculture for many years. 


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