Bikidi Inflatables lied to us. I need money back.

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Asked at 2012-02-20 18:14:00
We bought our inflatable through Bikidi Inflatables in China. Once we finally received our product had numerous problems. We ask how we can solve ( through many emails) and have had no satisfaction. Our product was torn , about 30-45 minutes after inflation , the beam inside was sewn in a twist , one of our fans are not working and other issues. We have sent several emails and they said let us buy another (why we would like to get dooped again), but said they are not responsible . I can send all emails related to those of you who are interested. I wonder if there is a rating scale, as in the Amazon. But if you have had a problem with inflatables Bikidi , please let me know and how to solve them. We are located in the U.S. and found in China. Definitely not happy with our purchase. We have not even been able to use our product, but now I see they have it not appear on the site. I would like to send our photos of the " after" Definitely there is no comparison ! Add your email address and I'll send photos.
Answer1MaleAnswered at 2012-02-20 18:14:04

Dear Mr. Jim Bailey

1). We tested his tent and took delivery in good condition after his own confirmation.
2). Were asked to send photos or video detail if possible for our research on the "problem", but you just sent a couple of partial Photoes, which does not help at all.
3). As a fan, also did not send a video signal with the blower (number of products so we can check with fan provider) to the time of application. Even after you have sent us a serial number is vague. It makes our provider slow fan on the warranty process.
4). You said it was urgent to use the store, which is why I suggest you to do the repair locally (we pay for the repair after confirmation in the case of manufacturing defects) or you can buy another (we offer the best price). Possible reasons

on "problem":

1). Abuse: 2 fans in a single beam (arc) before deploying the parties and stretch out and set the unit to align correctly and is centered. This causes the air pressure too powerful and cause explosion. Correct manner of use is to separate blowers in different beams (arcs) to separate air pressure throughout the store.
2). Damaged during shipment, fork, etc. Also, I sent details of the carrier, talk with them at the time too. We understand your stituation

and have been doing everything we can to help, but we will take legal action against this type of slander that you post.

Below is photos of the tent in good condition!

K5018 (13). jpg K5018 (12). jpg K5018 (11). jpg A greeting


Nancy Chen / Bikidi Inflatable

Answer2Chick-Fool-a Answered at 2012-02-20 18:17:07
friend of the good company good
Answer3snakeAnswered at 2012-02-20 18:17:20
I'm surprised to see this because it is very nice and send me good quality products Charles of France
Answer4Freak Answered at 2012-02-20 18:22:26
hello anyway we received some beautiful inflatable this company last month , I like quality and are happy with their service. good luck , Karla
Answer5TaylorAnswered at 2012-02-20 18:32:35

Hi, < / p > < / P >

We were thinking of buying this company , but after your review, we have left of our transaction . Now, what happened with the 3 year warranty published in their ads? have asked for that? pay with PayPal? if so, asked for his money from Paypal? < / P > < / P >

We are very sad to know that these guys are a scam that we have been planning our business around your items long . < / P > < / P >

Richard < / p >

gimail richardferrer77 a dot com < / p >

Answer6 Answered at 2012-03-09 07:40:56
Answer7 Flora Answered at 2012-08-03 22:19:02

i don't believe this post because we are happy with these guys and their products

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