How to Back-Up a QuickBooks Company File

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If you employ QuickBooks to store and manipulate your company's financial data, it'll become crucial that you simply take steps to guard this data. Given enough time, the foremost reliable PC will have some kind of hardware malfunction. you ought to copy your QuickBooks data on a daily basis to guard against such failure. you've got a choice to do that manually or to schedule an automatic back-up.

1. copy your data manually

To manually create a backup of your QuickBooks data, follow the steps below:

·   On the File menu, click Save copy or copy

·   If this is often the primary time you've protected your QuickBooks data, you'll see the Portable Company File Feature panel. -Select don't display this message within the future, and click on okay to proceed.

·   Several storage options exist to store your QuickBooks copy files.

CD-ROMs/DVD-ROMs: CD-ROMs are around for years and still be a viable data-storage medium for backups. Their affordable price can allow you to form multiple copies of your backup files to store in multiple locations for added security.

Flash drives: Also referred to as keychain drives or thumb drives; this media can store a fantastic amount of knowledge (many versions of backup files) during a small form factor. you'll buy a flash drive specifically for backing up QuickBooks files and keep it safe in-between backups.

Offsite Backups: Some internet services (including one offered by QuickBooks) allow you to copy and restore your QuickBooks data files over the web. This provides an excellent degree of security, but is that the most expensive backup option since you'll need to pay a monthly service charge.

·   In the QuickBooks Backup panel, click copy then click Next

·   Select Local Backup and click on Options to line the situation

·   Click Browse to pick the filename and site for your computer file.

·   In the Save copy or copy Company panel, click the acceptable drive within the Save in list (in this case we'll use a removable disk)

·   Select the reserve it now option and click on Next

·   Verify or change the File name

·   Ensure that QBW Backup (.QBB) is chosen in Save as type

·   Click Save to return to QuickBooks Backup

·   Select Verify data integrity within the QuickBooks Backup panel

QuickBooks selects Verify data integrity because the default choice for data backups. because the size of your QuickBooks file grows, verifying data integrity will add significant time to the rear up process. Consequently, you'll want to verify data integrity once every few backups.

Additionally, if you're back-in up data over a network, verifying data integrity could substantially increase traffic over your network. Consult your QuickBooks help section if you've got questions on this.

·   Click okay to begin the backup process.

After the backup completes, click okay to return to QuickBooks Home. If everything went well QuickBooks will show you an OK message

2. To schedule an automatic copy of your QuickBooks data:

·   On the File menu, click Save copy or copy

·   In the Save copy or copy Company panel, click reserve it now and schedule future backups and click on Next

If you'd like QuickBooks to copy your data once you close the program, click automatically copy when closing file every..., and sort the interval at which you want the backups to require place in Times or click New and found out a selected schedule

·   Click okay to return to QuickBooks Home

If you're fixing an automatic backup, you ought to leave your copy of QuickBooks in single-user mode. QuickBooks won't backup data when in multi-user mode.


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