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Industrial Livestock Feed Pellet Mill Production Machine On Sale02021-07-07 02:17:06
Industrial feed pellet mill has a wide cylindrical shape die and is mounted vertically. This big industrial feed pellet mill consists of feeding device, hardening and tempering device, conditioner device, press chamber transmission system, overload protection and electric control system. This ring die type industrial pellet mill is widely adopted in most large scale feed pellet production,like commercial feed production plant,big poultry farm,commerical feed production factory etc. What is more this industrial pellet making machine is equipped with conditioner which can produce feed pellets with smooth surface and high palatability. Industrial Feed Pellet Mill Applications This industrial feed pellet machine can be used for pelletizing corn stalk, bean stalk, flower sapling, sweet potato wine, clover grass, rape straw, etc. into the fodders for cattle, pig, cow, sheep, rabbit, chicken, duck, fish, etc. This ring die feed machine is the preferred equipment for making fodder in the large-middle feed factories and every livestock farm. Advantages Of Industrial Feed Pellet Machine 1. Double-motor drive. The high strength SPB narrow V-belt drive transmit stably and reliably with low noise. 2. The industrial pellet feed machine is configured with many kinds of ring dies with different aperture diameters in a range of 1.5mm to 12 mm and compression ratio for different requires of different clients. 3. The ring die industrial feed machine with quick-release coupling can reduce the time of replacing the ring die to improve the production efficiency. 4. The modulator with major diameter is equipped for ripping the material fully to make the material smoother and make the pellet hardness more proper. The briquetting ratio can reach 98%. Also the abrasion to the machine can reduce to the lowest. 5. Feeder spindle, screw, sleeve, paddle are 304 stainless steel. 6. Feeding motor we choose international standard motor,the quality should be slightly better than the motor,the motor noise lower, the operating current is more stable overload capacity stronger. 7. Conditioner motor pulley using high strength cast steel black pulley, higher strength, higher precision, higher strength after heat treatment, more wear-resistant, longer service life, pulley balancing experiments run more smoothly, using a locking sleeve Installation, installation and removal convenient and time-saving, and will not cause damage to the pulley. Our feed pellet making machine solutions feature great flexibility. According to different feed types, different output configuration can be customized. There are great after-service and pelletizing solutions. If you are intended to start your business to make feed pellets in small or large scale, please do not hesitate to contact us for details. 
How To Make Livestock Feed With A Pellet Mill Machine02021-01-08 01:04:28
Livestock feed pellets are a type of feed with a combination of several raw materials including cereals, seeds, various forms of straws, legumes, minerals and vitamins and additives for preservation and making the feed palatable. There are many ways to make livestock feed pellets, but the most easy and convenient is using the pellet mill machine. Preparation Of Raw Materials Raw materials are prior stored in silos or tanks for effective preservation. This stage involves assembling, weighing, crushing, and mixing of ingredients. Note that the choice of ingredients should be guided by the need of your livestock and nutritionists input. Weigh the ingredients according to the formula given, design and the size of the pellet mill machine. Initial Crushing The second stage involves mixing of ingredients in a pellet mill. The materials are crushed using a feed hammer mill. The process results in ingredients reduced in size. The materials are also aerated and additives mixed with other raw materials. Preparation Of Mixture Of Molasses This is a continuation of the initial crushing. Liquid molasses mixture is blended into the other materials. Second And Final Crushing Materials are crushed to fine powder. This is done using a feed pellet mixing machine. Livestock Feed Pellet Making production of small pellets. To extract the pellets, the fine powder is passed through a feed pellet making machine. The pellets are allowed to dry before being packaged. Packaging This is the last stage of pellet making process. Involves a weighing and packing machine. It involves weighing the pellets, putting them in desired packages, taping, coding and sealing the packages. This is followed by storage in bins and distribution of the feed to supply points. Note that there are various designs of feed pellet production line equipment. Consult widely to get value for your money. Moreover, the type of pellet mill purchased should be informed by the scale (small or large) at which you intend to produce the pellets. Consult a nutritionists because different livestock have different nutritional needs. A nutritionist will help come up with the right raw materials. In addition, ensure the raw materials are stored properly to avoid poisoning the livestock. 
Animal Feed Machine Fusmar Ring Die Pellet Mill On Sale02021-07-13 02:44:49
For higher output of 1-20 T/H, ring die feed pellet mill is an ideal choice. Based on the outstanding features of its large capacity, low consumption and mature technology, among the feed pellets producers like grain feed factory, livestock farm, poultry farm,feedprocessing industry, etc. Speaking to Fusmaranimal feed pellet machine, besides these advantages,its efficiency has improved by about 20% because of adopting high precision gear drive. Animal Feed Pellet Machine Features 1. Stable and classical gear driving. Maximum output, low noise, and no slipping. 2. The feed motor is of variable frequency and speed to ensure good pellet quality. 3. Imported high-quality SKF bearings & NAK oil seals to ensure stable and quiet working. 4. High quality ring die with multiple kinds of bore diameters are optional. 5. Adopt the international advanced compensation type spring coupling device. High safety and low fault rate. 6. We support conditioner customization. 7. Pellet size ranges from Φ2mm to Φ12mm, meeting different needs of chicken, cattle, pig, etc. feed production. 8. High automation includes auto-lubrication system, die& roller lifting device and control cabinet. Advantages Of Ring Die Pellet Mill 1. First of all, it is a large feed pellet making machine. So it is mostly used in industrial pellet production. 2. A set of ring die pellet mill has relatively longer service life compared to flat die pellet mill. Otherwise it won’t be cost-effective. 3. The pellets made by ring die pellet mill have larger density and smoother surface since ring die pellet mill has higher pressure. 
Pig Feed Pellet Machine Ring Die Production Machinery For Sale02021-10-09 02:38:57
Are you a farmer who keeps a large flock of pigs? If yes, you need to feed them with pig feed pellet. The feeds play a crucial role in the growth of pigs, it supports nutrition digestibility. The heat of the pelleting process breaks down carbohydrates bonds, making them more digestible for pigs. You can decide to buy the pellets or make them by yourself. pig feed pellet machine which is affordable and easy to use. However, the machines vary in size and price. Let’s have a clear view of the benefits of using this machine. Easy To Operate Once you purchase a high-quality pig feed pellet machine, you will not require hiring a professional to operate it for you. You will easily come up with quality feed pellets without any skills. Also, you will not encounter the challenges of developing large particles of pellets that will harm the little pigs. Functionality The good thing about this feed pellet production machinery is that it caters for both small and large farmers. It will help you develop high quality feeds that will improve the growth of your pigs. The machine is great because you will get the feeds without much effort. It will perform most of the tasks for you. You Will Save Money Saving money is an objective of every farmer. With this machine, you will not have to buy the pellets from the shop. The pellets are expensive and can cost you more money. Thus, you need to give the pig feed pellet machine a priority. Due to their different prices, you can select one that will match your budget. Features Of A Pig Feed Pellet Machine These machines are of two categories. There is the flat die pellet machine, and the ring die feed pellet machine. The ring die is increasing at a high rate. They are mostly used by large-scale farmers because of their high-quality end products. Here are the features: 1. To come up with nature pig feed pellets, you need to use the raw materials. The hopper is the first section where your pelleting process starts. You will put the material on the hopper which will distribute them to the ring die. 2. The rollers play a crucial role in putting high pressure on the raw materials and pressing them into the pellet mill die’s holes. The holes mold the raw materials into cylinders with high density. When they come out from the holes, there are knives which shape them in certain lengths. The pellets then fall from the discharge port. 
Complete Poultry Livestock Feed Pellet Production Line Equipment02021-08-19 02:57:12
In order to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of our clients, we design and install all scales highly efficient poultry & livestock feed pellet production line. The capacity ranges from 100 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h, which is applicable for large feed factory, poultry farms, or home use to make feed pellets for not only poultry like chicken, duck, geese, quail, but also livestock including cattle, cow, sheep, rabbit, pig, etc. Thecomplete feed pellet plant is made in strict adherence with the international standards, low cost and high efficiency. Features Of The Complete Poultry & Livestock Feed Pellet Plant 1. Easy-to-get materials: soybeans, corn, maize, wheat bran, rice, sorghum, etc. 2. Wide application: Suitable to make various poultry feed and aquatic feed for rabbits, ducks, cattle, chickens, sheep, pigs, pigeons, fishes and shrimp, etc. 3. Wide range of pellet size: 2-10mm diameter to meet different animals demands. 4. Capacity: Customized as your request. Highlights Of Complete Feed Pellet Plant 1. Easy Maintenance 2. Low Operational Cost 3. Application Specific Design 4. Rigid Construction 5. Longer Service Life Benefits Of Making Poultry And Livestock Feed Pellets There are many benefits to use pelleted feed and produce your own feed pellets. Pelleting allows the use of a wider variety of ingredients without obvious changes in the physical properties of the diet. It is simply puts the feed in a concentrated form. The pellets are very nutritional and can satisfy the growth needs of animals in different growth stages. And you can also store much more feed in a much smaller storage space. In terms of making your own animal feed pellets you can start with a feed pellet machine, which can save you a lot of money on feed. You also know exactly what has gone into the feed. Poultry & Livestock Feed Pellet Mill Machine  Forcing materials through die holes to form compacted feed pellets which are then cut into a pre-determined size.The feed pellets produced by Fusmar poultry feed pellet mill machine have rich nutrition, good palatability and high digestibility. 1. Low consumption, competitive price, long service life. 2. Driven by electric motor makes it more convenient and environmentally friendly. 3. To make poultry feed pellets with different diameters, you just need to replace a pellet mill die. Fusmar Machinery can also customize different capacity feed pellet plant according to your demands. Welcome to contact with us for more information!  
aquatic feed pellet production line, fish feed extruder machine, fish feed pellet making machine02021-10-21 02:12:55
We know that in the process of aquatic feed pellet production line, in addition to ensure reasonable formula, it is important processing technology must be gentle, to extend the feed water soluble in water. It is very important for aquatic animals' health and feed extruder machine, extruding and granulating technology, while minimizing cost, guarantee the best product quality and maximize revenue.At the same time can produce the largest feed digestibility and more ideal feed conversion rate, improve the overall health. Aquaculture Feed Production Ingredients Fish meal, shrimp head meal, seashell powder...etc. Fish meal is not only a good animal protein feed that balances protein and amino acids, but also a good feed for balancing minerals, especially trace elements. Aquaculture Feed Processing Flow Because of the variety of aquaculture feed, the change of raw materials, the high requirement of crushing fineness and the poor fluidity of the materials, the production technology of aquaculture extruded pellet feed is high. To achieve the above requirements, the key technology lies in the process of aquaculture feed production. Among them, the extruding and pellet making process, the preconditioning and the final quality control process will jointly determine the characteristics of the final product. Fusmar Machinery as fish feed pellet making machine manufacturer will provide you with the best technology and products to help you get quality aquatic feed. 
Feed Mill Equipment In Animal Feed Pellet Production Line02019-08-05 02:12:28
The feed mill equipment equipped with a pellet section equipment based on the production of powdered feed equipment. It composed of crushing, mixing, pelletization, cooling, drying, packing, and other processes. The process is continuous and reasonable, and the performance of every single machine is good. The equipment has a compact structure, small floor space, low energy consumption, and high efficiency. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet production line manufacturer, This article will introduce feed mill equipment in detail. The Usage Of Feed Mill Equipment The feed mill equipment is a medium-sized feed mill and feed machinery for producing powdery materials, concentrated materials and pellet feeds with a high degree of automation. It is ideal equipment for animal husbandry. It is made up of a combination of crusher, pulse dust collector, screw conveyor, mixer, pelletizer, bucket elevator, counter flow cooler, and vibrating screen. It integrates the functions of crushing, mixing, lifting, pelletization, cooling, and screening. It automatically feeds, feeds quickly, and smoothly discharges. It is a kind of feed pellet production line with less investment and quick effect. Which integrates automation, high efficiency, and advanced nature. Introduction Of The Combined Unit Machine Feed Hammer Mill The feed hammer mill is the most widely used crusher, which is driven by a high-speed shearing and hammering under a strong airflow and filtered by a stainless steel screen to obtain the desired powder. The device provided with a dust suction device. No powder contamination. It has the characteristics of low temperature, low noise, and high efficiency. Suitable for crushing various production materials. Horizontal Ribbon Mixer The horizontal double-shaft ribbon mixer stirred dry and powdery material that evenly mixed. During the mixing, two-rotor moved the material in opposite directions, and the composite motion carried out. The biaxial paddles made of material along the inner wall of the machine slot for two clockwise rotations and axis rotated the material near the axis. Pushed from the inside to the sides, the outer spiral drives the material close to the wall to rotate the shaft, and the axial direction pushed from both sides to the inside. Thus causing convection circulation, shearing and mixing in the material cylinder, and the material quickly and evenly mixed in a short time. Ring Die Pellet Machine The pellet formation process can denature the pancreatic enzyme resistance factor in grains and beans, reduce the adverse effects on digestion, kill various parasite eggs and other pathogenic microorganisms, and reduce various diseases of the insects and digestive diseases. This machine has the advantages of simple structure, wide adaptability, small occupied area, and low noise. Counter Flow Cooler 1. Using the principle of counter flow cooling, the pellets cooled sufficiently and evenly. 2. Adopting a unique sliding valve type discharging mechanism to discharge materials, smooth discharge, stable and reliable operation. 3. The temperature of the pellet after cooling is not higher than room temperature 3-5 ° C, the precipitation rate is not less than 3 - 3.5%. 4. Mainly suitable for the cooling of pellets. The Advantage Of Feed Mill Equipment 1. The structural form has two types: integral steel frame and floor type. The overall steel frame layout is compact, the shape is beautiful and style, the floor type is easy to use and maintain. 2. Small and medium-sized feed machinery adopts manual metering and ingredients, and the equipment investment is small, economical and practical. 3. Large and medium-sized feed machinery adopts computer automatic metering and batching, with good batching precision, a high degree of mechanization and automation. 4. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery designed the standard type feed project is the best technical solution, keeping up with domestic and international development trends. The Significance Of Feed Pellet Production Line It is of great significance for the feed to mature, increase nutrition, increase absorption rate, kill germs, store transport, reduce costs, save resources, adapt to the chewing function of animals, and improve the efficiency of animal husbandry. During production and processing, the friction of the machine automatically heats up itself. So that the material gelatinized, matured, pelletization and cooled once. The surface of the package can clean and smooth, the hardness is moderate, and it is easy to seal and store. The pellet thickness can adjust according to the needs of the user. For processing pellets such as pigs, cattle, sheep, rabbits, chickens, ducks and fish. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery specializes in the production of feed hammer mill, feed pellet machine, feed mixing machine, feed cooling machine, feed packing machine, and other feed machinery.  
Application Of Feed Hammer Mill In The Feed Pellet Production Technology02019-11-07 22:36:26
Feed hammer mill is a kind of common feed crushing processing machinery, it can use to crush crops, straw, corn, soybean, and other feed raw materials, users can choose the appropriate diameter of the hammer according to the actual processing needs for replacement. At present, there are two kinds of crushing technology: first crushing and then batching, first batching and then crushing, or the comprehensive application of the two kinds of technology. First Crushing And Then Batching Of The Feed Hammer Mill The first crushing process mainly used for the majority of livestock and poultry feed. The characteristics of the process are according to the nature of raw materials to configure the corresponding feed grinder, in order to obtain economic rationality. First Batching And Then Crushing Because many raw materials in the formula of aquatic feed contain high protein and oil, if the raw materials through the first crushing process, the oil in the raw materials will easily block the small screen holes on the screen of the hammer crusher. So the first crushing process is not suitable for the crushing of such raw materials.The post-crushing process can better solve the problems in the pre-crushing system. After the mixing of various raw materials, their physical properties play a complementary role. The direct mixing of materials after crushing can save the distribution bin and eliminate the arch phenomenon of materials in the bin. The above characteristics make most aquatic feed mills tend to use the post-crushing process.Of course, after the use of the post-crushing process, crushing equipment must configure according to the hardest raw materials in the ingredients. So some soft raw materials will produce excessive crushing, not only increase the crushing energy consumption but also reduce the crushing efficiency. So as to accelerate the grinding equipment, especially the hammer wear. Comprehensive Application Of The Two Kinds Of Technology In the design of the crushing process, the first crushing and thenthe crushing process can also apply comprehensively, which is especially suitable for the materials requiring micro-crushing.Coarsely crush the granular raw materials that need to be crushed, and then mix them with other powdered raw materials, which is a benefit to the even mixing and micro-crushing of the materials. After the second crushing of the material, it needs to be mixed again, which can improve the mixing evenness of the material and the quality of the product. Replace The Hammer Piece Of Wearing Parts Hammer of replacement parts is more convenient, only according to the product manual attached to the purchase of feed crusher machine, it can be easily replaced. The hammer type feed crusher can crush the materials once and twice. The feed material that needs to crush is first crushed and entered into the batching bin. Feed ingredients that do not need to crush can directly feed into the feed bin of the feed pellet machine, then carry out the mixing and other processes. Because of its secondary pulverization characteristics, the feed ingredients can crush more thoroughly and delicately, and animal feeding is easier, thereby increasing the feed intake of the animals. In general, for crushing raw materials of different thicknesses, the feed crushing machine needs to use hammers of different specifications (the main difference is the pore size of the hammer), so as to better crush the material. Hope this article can help you to know more about feed hammer mill. If you want to build the feed pellet production line, please contact us. 
Feed Pellet Mill Application Of The Flat Die Pellet Machine02019-11-01 00:49:08
Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery is a professional flat die pellet machine manufacturer, this article will introduce the application of the flat die pellet machine in detail. Development Of The Feed Pellet Machine With the rise of the breeding industry, automated machinery has replaced artificial, feed pellet machine has entered thousands of households, and complete feed processing equipment has become a competent assistant for feed processing plants. The feed pellet machine complete set of equipment is composed of a variety of equipment, and its complete set of equipment consists of feed pellet machine, feed hammer mill, feed mixer, silo, screw feeder, feed cooling machine and so on. Only need to manually press the button, the work of the feed pellet production line can complete automatically, saving time, saving labor, and improving work efficiency, reducing costs for users. Nowadays, users like large-scale, high-efficiency, fully automated modern farming, so they can improve work efficiency, reduce feeding costs and increase profits. It can guarantee the comprehensive nutrition of poultry. Feeding pelleted feed can increase the feed intake of animals, avoid picky eaters, facilitate digestion and absorption, and shorten the growth cycle. It can not only compress cattle and sheep feed pellets but also process pig, chicken, duck, goose and aquatic fish feed pellets. Introduction Of The Flat Die Pellet Machine The flat die feed pellet machine rotates smoothly and has low noise. The feeding depends on the gravity of the material itself to avoid clogging. It can effectively remove the gas in the material and increase the tightness of the product. Due to the low line speed, the noise generated during operation and the wear of components reduced. It can produce high-fat, high-sugar-free products. The roller bearings have long-lasting lubrication and special sealing to prevent lubricant contamination and reduce lubricant loss during granulation. This model is available in a variety of flat molds with different aperture and compression ratios. Users can select flat dies with different apertures and compression ratios according to different needs to obtain the best technical and economic benefits. Application Of The Flat Die pellet Machine Fusmar Machinery produced flat die pellet machine is a new type of feed pellet machine. It uses corn, soybean meal, straw, grass, and rice husk as raw materials and pressed into feed pellets. It is widely used in animal husbandry, large and medium-sized breeding farm, feed mill. Advantages Of The Product 1. The flat die pellet machine can use the shaft to move the granules without the need for a belt. Using high-tech technology, it is much more prevalent than the original belt. The machine does not need to add any water to make the pellets. When manufacturing, we designed for small-scale breeding farm. At the same time, the pellets can preserve for a long time, and it is not a problem for more than half a year. 2. The flat die pellet machine also plays a bactericidal role in the process of operation. The maximum temperature of 75 degrees can kill microbial species without affecting the quality of the material. 3. The die and pressure roller of the flat die feed pellet machine exquisitely made of high alloy wear-resistant materials. Featuring long service life, reasonable structure, firmness, and durability. Choosing a suitable feed pellet mill and using it properly will significantly improve the quality of the feed pellets. It will soon reflect a benign effect in the production process. If you can further master the technology of self-making, you can also greatly reduce the cost of materials, thereby increasing profits. Zhengzhou Fusmar Machinery specializes in the production of feed pellet machine, feed mixer, feed packing machine, feed hammer mill, counter flow cooler and other feed machinery. 
Animal Feed Pellet Mill Machine Make Rabbit Feed Pellets02021-07-16 02:44:42
Now, there are many people feed animals like pig,sheep,chicken,rabbit, these animals feed are large demand. Some people buy feed pellets from a pellet production factory, but some choose to make feed pellets for their animals. Fusmar feed pellet mill machine can make high-quality animal feed pellets. Making Feed Pellets For Rabbit  How much do you know when you decide to buy a rabbit feed pellet mill? many people who have little experience in making feed pellets,different people have different questions about pellet mill for making feed pellets.Our animal feed pellet machine can make 2.5–8mmrabbit feed pellets,choosing according to your requirement. The size of different animals using small feed pellets size is not the same, the use of 2.5-4mm chicken. And sheep, the general use of 3-5mm pellets. Adjusting Feed Formula To Increase Nutrition Of Feed Pellet Diets  Nutrition content of feed pellet diet is very important,adjusting the feed formula to increase the content of calcium in diets. Under normal circumstances, calcium diets general for 3.2%-3.5%. Under the condition of high temperature, the amount of calcium can be increased by 4%. In order to satisfy the specific needs and requirements of our clients, we design and install all scales highly efficient animal feed pellet production line. The capacity ranges from 100 kg/h to 10,000 kg/h, which is applicable for large feed factory, poultry farms, or home use to make feed pellets for not only poultry like chicken, duck, geese, quail, but also livestock including cattle, cow, sheep, rabbit, pig, etc.  
Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Machine Make Pig Feed Pellets02021-07-15 02:28:41
If you are still buying poultry feed pellet from commercial feed factory or feed shop, then your cost per year for buying feed may be a lot. You can find a poultry feed pellet mill to reduce your cost, making your own pellet feed with such a pellet making machine. Raw materials like corn powder,wheat, rice husk,wheat straw,vegetables, and so on. Pigs really appreciate variety in their diets. Tips Of Feeding Pig Pigs are strong and boisterous animals, and they will be so eager to get their feed that they may knock you over when they get big enough. If you can, position the feeding trough where you can fill it from the other side of a fence. If not, throw a generous handful of feed into the enclosure as you enter it. The pigs should leave you alone for long enough to eat it. Fusmar animal feed pellet making machine can make high-quality feed pellets. Raw Materials For Making Pig Feed Pellets 1. Alfalfa is great ingredient. Alfalfa meals should be the first one choice for making various feed pellets to meet the high fiber. 2. The oats is good ingredient. Pulverized oats, which are a low-glycemic source of carbohydrates,but your have to remember that if you add oats to a pellet already high in oats, you may push your pigs over their carb limit. 3. Wheat or corn germ meal. Another kind of raw materials with fiber and carbohydrates in a low glycemic form, also a source of fat. 4. Ground Barley is similar to oats is a kind of good ingredient. Fusmar Machinery can also customize different capacity feed pellet production line according to your demands. Welcome to contact with us for more information!   
Poultry Feed Pellet Mill Machine Feeding Pig With Pellets Feed02021-08-31 02:52:31
If you are still buying pig feed pellets from commercial feed factory or feed shop, then your cost per year for buying feed may be a lot. You can find a poultry feed pellet mill to reduce your cost by making your own pellet feed with such a machine using grains like corn powder,wheat, rice husk,wheat straw,vegetables, and so on. Pigs really appreciate variety in their diets.Fusmar Machinery is a professional feed pellet making machine manufacturer. Tips Of Feeding Time Pigs are strong and boisterous animals, and they will be so eager to get their feed that they may knock you over when they get big enough. If you can, position the feeding trough where you can fill it from the other side of a fence. If not, throw a generous handful of feed into the enclosure as you enter it. The pigs should leave you alone for long enough to eat it, repeat as necessary to cover your approach to the trough. What Raw Materials Can Be Used To Make Feed Pellets 1. Alfalfa meals should be the first one choice for making various feed pellets to meet the high fiber needs for pigs, alfalfa is great ingredient. 2. Pulverized Oats which are a low-glycemic source of carbohydrates,but your have to remember that if you add oats to a pellet already high in oats, you may push your pigs over their carb limit. 3. Wheat or corn Germ Meal. Another kind of raw materials with fiber and carbohydrates in a low glycemic form, also a source of fat. 4. Ground Barley is similar to oats is a kind of good ingredient. Fusmar Machinery can also customize different capacity feed pellet production line according to your demands. Welcome to contact with us for more information! 

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