Nut shell activated carbon price

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The selection of treatment technology should be based on the gas volume, purification requirements, the possibility of recovery, the economy of equipment construction and operation and other conditions. Special attention should be paid to the close cooperation with the process in practical work, so as to achieve comprehensive utilization as far as possible. activated carbon manufacturers 

At present, there are three common methods of organic waste gas treatment at home and abroad: liquid absorption method, activated carbon adsorption method and catalytic combustion method.

The purification efficiency of liquid absorption method is 60%~ 80%, which is suitable for treating low concentration and large volume of organic waste gas, but there are secondary pollution.

The purification rate of catalytic combustion method is 95%, which is suitable for the treatment of high concentration and small air volume organic waste gas. The disadvantage is that it has strict requirements on the treatment object and requires high gas temperature. In order to improve the exhaust gas temperature, it needs to consume a lot of fuel, so the operation cost is very 

The purification efficiency of activated carbon adsorption method is 99.2%~99.3%. For the treatment of large air volume and low concentration of organic waste gas, it is agreed that this method is the most mature and reliable technology at home and abroad, but the T art process is too long, the operation cost is high, and it is often more difficult to need a stable steam source.

In view of these problems, combined with the characteristics of this graduation design and only body requirements, the use of activated carbon fixed bed adsorption system for industrial organic waste gas purification, the selection of honeycomb activated carbon as adsorbent.The process system is compact and integrated with adsorption and desorption. 


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