they opened a side door wide of the wealth of new bright spot in clothing store

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a side door opened wide the wealth of the new bright spot in the clothing store
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a side door opened wide for the wealth of new clothing store in the garment industry China highlights the development of new channels and new ways to gain market segments, not only effective, but necessary. It is in this strategic thinking under the guidance of home services, family services, special body suits and other market segments, the garment industry is becoming the new "gold rush" hot spots. Home services: Lock the average does not relax authorities expect that 2006 will be the development of domestic service, style, color, texture only "Pajamas" is the domain of home delivery the past, leisure and sport quickly mastered custom the market. Perhaps the fashion industry has always been aware of this sign, so if it is famous textile companies, or services giant source of origin, without exception, to join the battle. Home delivery of high-grade white-collar women in domestic service in China in the most popular consumer group. Now a lot of underwear, based on primary industry began to focus on home design and development services, product lines, getting richer, like poetry hired Carrie Fan Bingbing as the spokesman, in a great way to promote delivery service. Dances with Wolves, rookie of the Arctic, three guns, Liya Ou, fight cards, destination, and many other birds, underwear manufacturers have introduced products for the home. Family services: creating a new model of family power consumer spending in China is booming, the wealth it brings much more than the forecast of the business. In peacetime, the parents of young people have to put in hard work, as usual can not accompany their children to eat on Sunday shopping, many young people are choosing to meet with parents and children to contact with affection of the family clothing. Statistics show that in 2005 sales of clothing of the family have tripled over the past two years. Since the installation of a child as special as the emotion categories of clothes at the mall shopping center and the overall burden, often reflects the group appeared on weekend shopping from home, not consumption energy of this family business so pleasantly surprised, ignored. According to the Beijing Xidan market reflects many passengers are three generations of their family's family-great-grandfather. Family consumption-driven apparel for the family is that strong sales of related products. Special body suits: consider the design strength of a company called "big show" of the clothing company by market research found that current clothing market for fat people, especially women, fat people less market style clothes there, shading, a single category, consumers can choose little room for such problems special body suits shows that there is a big gap in the market consumption. Special body suits on the market, the tissue is not a special competition body suits warm market, the key in the design, how to design for "fat" and a special body of people, this design is necessary to comply with the latest trends, while allowing the "fat" that are little more than "slim" some of these problems should consider the production capacity of enterprise and innovation of the designer.
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