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The role of activated carbon in cigarette filtration02021-06-25 23:38:27
Activated carbon, is black powder or block, granular, honeycomb amorphous carbon, but also a regular arrangement of crystalline carbon.In addition to carbon elements, activated carbon also contains two kinds of admixtures: one is the chemical combination of elements, mainly oxygen and hydrogen, these elements are due to incomplete carbonization and residual in the carbon, or in the activation process, foreign non-carbon elements and activated carbon surface chemical combination;Another kind of admixture is ash, which is the inorganic part of activated carbon, and ash in active carbon is easy to cause secondary pollution.Because of its strong adsorption, activated carbon is widely used in production,In the life.Activated carbon material is processed by the amorphous carbon, has a large specific surface area, the gas, solution of inorganic or organic matter and colloidal particles have good adsorption capacity.Activated Carbon materials mainly include Activated Carbon (AC) and Activated Carbon Fibers (ACF), etc.Activated carbon material as a kind of excellent adsorbent, mainly because of its unique adsorption surface structure and surface chemical properties.Activated carbon material has stable chemical properties and high mechanical strength. The industrial and industrial production of graphene with low cost and large output can be completed, which will greatly promote the development of downstream industriesactivated carbon manufacturer  Using graphene's remarkable physical and chemical properties, electrons can travel through graphene much faster than they can through silicon, creating more sensitive sensors, electronic components, displays, solar cells and hydrogen storage devices. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Princeton University are working with a private company to develop a high-capacity, fast-charging battery. The secret is to add graphene to lithium-ion batteries to improve power and cycle stability. Researchers at Stanford University say graphene-based lighting could be cheap and environmentally friendly. Graphene-based LECs could replace metal-based OLEDs(organic light-emitting diodes). They could also replace traditional metal-based graphite electrodes in lamps, making them cheaper and easier to recycle. Researchers in China found that bacterial cells on graphene paper were unable to grow, while human cells were not damaged. Take advantage of this by making bandages, food wrappers and even antibacterial t-shirts. The scientific community is paying close attention to the research progress of graphene, this amazing material once put into practice will bring revolutionary changes to human society. 
Filtration of activated carbon02021-09-23 23:43:04
In this paper, using biomass (corn cob, rice husk and peanut shell) as raw material, the experimental research on the preparation of activated carbon from biomass was carried out on the self-built experimental platform, and the activation temperature, activation time, impregnation ratio and impregnation time and other activation and physicochemical characteristics were systematically studied.powdered activated carbon supplier  Activated carbons with different specific surface area and pore structure were prepared by physical activation and chemical activation, changing carbonization and activation conditions. The pore structure of activated carbon was analyzed by ASAP2020M aperture analyzer.activated carbon pellets wholesale  The surface structure characteristics of activated carbon and the pyrolysis process of biomass under different conditions were studied. The adsorption performance and yield of activated carbon prepared by two methods were discussed and compared. The results show that activation condition and impregnation condition are the most important factors. The optimum specific surface area of activated carbon prepared by physical activation method is 924.48m'/g, and the yield is 26.18%. The optimum specific surface area of activated carbon prepared by chemical activation method is 1200.04 m2g, and the yield is 34%. Although the specific surface area and yield of the chemical activation method are the largest, it can be seen that the activated carbon prepared by the physical activation method has higher economic benefit and environmental protection value considering the economic benefit and environmental protection value of the preparation process comprehensively. Finally, based on the preparation of activated carbon from biomass, the adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of the prepared activated carbon for methylene blue and the adsorption characteristics of mercury in flue gas were studied. The theoretical basis for its application in printing and dyeing wastewater treatment and mercury removal from flue gas is given. In the experiment of adsorption equilibrium and kinetics of methylene blue on activated carbon, the experimental results show that the Freundlich adsorption isotherm model is more accurate to describe the adsorption phase equilibrium of methylene blue on activated carbon. The Freundlich adsorption isotherm of methylene blue adsorption by activated carbon was expressed as: logQE =log59.293+ 0.42logc. 
Effect of activated carbon on cigarette smoke02021-05-20 01:19:13
Then, comprehensively examines the activated carbon pore structure of mainstream smoke particles with phase content in the conventional chemical composition is the relationship between the filtration efficiency, found that adding activated carbon can be reduced in different degrees in cigarette mainstream smoke conventional component content, and under the condition of the same dosage of activated carbon, the ternary composite way of flue gas composition of conventional filtration efficiency higher than binary compound mode. In the process of adsorption of flue gas components, the specific surface area of activated carbon with different pore structures determines its total adsorption capacity, and the pore size distribution affects its adsorption selectivity. The contents of total particulate matter, nicotine, moisture and tar in the mainstream smoke of cigarettes all increased stably with the increase of the number of suction outlets. In the process of cigarette smoking, the filtration efficiency of activated carbon with different pore structure to the conventional components of smoke changed dynamically with the increase of the number of suction ports. Qualitative description method was used to evaluate the sensory quality of activated carbon cigarettes. It was found that the addition of activated carbon increased the smoke suction resistance, reduced the smoke concentration and aroma, reduced the irritation, and had no obvious peculiar smell and discomfort, and had no negative effect on the sensory quality of cigarettes.  pellet activated carbon Combined with unique flue gas generator and gas circuit switching and high rate of dilution technology, established a new type of impact based on the online detection of cigarette smoke aerosol particle size distribution of test method and the device, when implemented by suction mouth fresh smoke aerosol particle size size, concentration and distribution state of real-time detection, to evaluate the new additives, Cigarette auxiliary materials provide a new method for analyzing the effects of aerosol particles in smoke. After observing the stability of the device and the repeatability of the method, the aerosol particle size distribution characteristics of several activated carbon cigarette smoke were detected by using this method. It was found that the addition of activated carbon could effectively reduce the particulate matter content in the mainstream cigarette smoke, but had little effect on the particulate matter distribution state. The specific surface area and pore size distribution of activated carbon have a certain influence on the number concentration of aerosol particles. The higher the specific surface area, the stronger the adsorption capacity, and the less the number of particles. When the specific surface area is similar, the pore size distribution has an important effect, and the activated carbon with larger pore content is more favorable for the filtration of flue gas particles. The particle number concentration of seven samples of flue gas aerosol particles above 99% was concentrated in the range of 0.007~ 0.948um particle size, and the mass concentration was concentrated in the range of 0.262~ 9.910um particle size. Both particle number concentration and mass concentration showed an upward trend with the number of suction ports. The average particle number concentration of mainstream flue gas aerosol was 6.46×108~8.86×10° /cm' per puff, and the average mass concentration was 3.13×10+~ 3.85×10' mg/m' per puff. The total particle number concentration in a single cigarette was 3.88×109~5.31×10° /cm3. The total mass concentration ranged from 1.88×105 to 2.31×105mg/m3. activated carbon manufacturers in china 
Activated carbon filtration screening02021-06-06 23:50:07
Advanced activated carbon is mainly used for high demand area activated carbon, catalyst and catalyst carrier (, nail, guy, platinum and palladium), precious metal recovery and gold extraction, blood purification, auto carbon tank, high-performance fuel cells, electric double layer aluminum alloy casting machine, lithium battery cathode materials, super capacitor can storage materials, military, aerospace fields such as requirement. The role of activated carbon is mainly usactivated charcoal wholesale australia ed for adsorption of harmful gases, filter insoluble, adsorption of some soluble. Activated carbon components are mainly made of charcoal, various fruit shells and high quality coal as raw materials, through physical and chemical methods of raw materials crushing, sifting, catalyst activation, rinse, drying and screening a series of processes and manufacturing. Wooden activated carbon produced by this project is mainly used as air purifier and automobile exhaust purification, which has a certain promotion effect on energy saving and environmental protection. Activated carbon is now widely used and has a promising future. If the gas speed is very small, the size of the adsorber is large and uneconomical.   If the gas velocity is too large, the pressure drop will increase and the adsorption efficiency will be affected.The optimum gas velocity was determined by experiment. The adsorption design can not pursue too high adsorption efficiency, the empty tower speed value is reduced, it will make the adsorption bed volume, the amount of adsorbent and equipment cost increased greatly;On the contrary, it is not appropriate to take too large empty tower gas speed. Although the equipment cost is low, the adsorption efficiency drops a lot, and the pressure drop of the system will rise rapidly with the increase of the empty tower speed, resulting in excessive power consumption. Therefore, due to the selection of the appropriate air speed of the empty tower, the most suitable air speed of the empty tower is 0.8~1.2m/s"21, according to the empirical conclusion, this design determines 
Activated carbon filtration times02021-08-30 23:19:55
At this time, the concentration of the adsorbed substance in the solution is called equilibrium concentration.In aerobic part, a self-made internal circulating biological fluidized bed reactor was used to treat organic pesticide wastewaterThe effects of internal circulating biological fluidized bed on the removal of organic matter and the deamination of organic pesticide wastewater, the change of wastewater biodegradability and acute biological toxicity were investigated.The results show that the internal circulation biological fluidized bed with granular activated carbon as the carrier has a fast speed of membrane and can be cultured in about days by the rapid sludge drainage methodOut of activated sludge.The internal circulating biological fluidized bed with granular activated carbon as the carrier is not sensitive to temperature change at 1 ℃, and has a certain impact resistance ability.Aeration amount has effect on the treatmentToo large or too small aeration will reduce the reactor treatment efficiency.The optimal hydraulic retention time of the internal circulating biological fluidized bed using granular activated carbon as carrier is, and the treatment effect will be affected if the hydraulic retention time is too long or too short. activated charcoal pellets  At the aeration rate of /,During hydraulic retention, the total helium removal rate is.%,.%, water effluent/up tothe biodegradability of wastewater was significantly improved, and the acute biological toxicity was reduced by %.When the efficiency of internal circulating activated carbon biological fluidized bed treatment is.%, the reaction is obtained 
Activated carbon membrane filtration 02021-06-14 18:23:53
In addition, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon also has a great relationship with its internal pore structure, pore size distribution and surface chemical properties.wood based activated carbon manufacturer  Chemical method in addition to certain micropores, macropores, there are more mesopores (transition pores), so it is more suitable for the application of liquid phase, adsorption of larger molecules of substances, such as sugar solution has a good decolorization effect; When purifying water quality, it can also remove the colored material well and achieve the specified chroma requirements.  Particle strength is also a main index of granular activated carbon. In order to improve the particle strength of granular activated carbon, usually take some special processing measures, such as adding some material help plasticizing and proper mechanical treatment 4 or control in the process of kneading kneading temperature and kneading time, can greatly improve the strength of granular activated carbon particles, making the strength of the granular activated carbon has reached the fruit shell carbon intensity index. F - Sorb 2400 specific surface tester is really able to BET method detection instruments (both direct comparison method), the more important F - Sorb 2400 specific surface tester is by far the only specific surface area of the fully automated intelligent testing equipment, the test results with the international high consistency, the stability is very good also, at the same time reduce the human error, improve accuracy test results. 
Filtration rate of activated carbon02021-11-26 22:50:10
Activated carbon adsorption method is widely used in the purification of organic waste gas. When there are many components in the waste gas, the adsorption situation becomes complicated. In view of the fact that the exhaust gas of printing, tanning and coating industries contains benzene, toluene and ethyl acetate, etc., the kinetics of treating the exhaust gas by activated carbon adsorption method was studied experimentally, and the optimization of operating parameters of the fixed bed adsorber was explored, which could be used for reference in engineering design.powdered activated carbon producers  The experimental results show that the adsorption equilibrium of pure components is in good agreement with the Langmuir equation. In the case of multi-component adsorption, due to the competition and interference between each component, the component with strong adsorption ability can replace the other component that has been absorbed, so that the penetration curve of each component has obvious changes.powdered activated carbon producers  The penetration point of the components with relatively weak adsorption capacity was significantly advanced, while the penetration time of the components with strong adsorption capacity was delayed. In this paper, E-L equation and IAST theory are used for theoretical prediction and analysis of multi-component adsorption equilibrium, and compared with experimental results. The results show that although the prediction of total adsorption amount by E-L equation is in good agreement with the experimental results, the prediction of each component adsorption amount by E-L equation often produces positive and negative deviation, and the average error is usually more than 20%. 
Filtration rate of activated carbon02021-11-23 00:18:46
Distillation, activation treatment after the production of activated carbon methods are :① steam, gas activation method.Carbon is activated by water vapor or carbon dioxide at 850~900℃. activated carbon pellets wholesale  ② chemical activation method.Activated carbon can be obtained after high temperature treatment by using the gas released by the activator or soaking the raw material with the activator.Activated carbon has a micro product structure, the micro product arrangement is completely irregular, the product body has micropores (radius is less than 20[angstroms]=10-10 meters), through the hole (halfDiameter 20~1000), large hole (radius 1000~100000), so that it has a large inner surface, specific surface area of 500~1700 m 2/ g.This determines that activated carbon has good adsorption, can adsorb the metal ions in waste water and waste gas, harmful gases, organic pollutants, pigments and so on.china active carbon/  Industry should beActivated carbon also requires high mechanical strength, good wear resistance, its structure is stable, small energy required for adsorption, in order to be conducive to regeneration.Activated carbon for oilDecolorization, deodorization, gas separation, solvent recovery and air conditioning of fat, beverage, food and drinking water, used as catalyst or adsorbent for body and gas mask.Physical characteristics:Activated carbon is a kind of multi-aperture carbonization, has a very rich pore structure, has good adsorption characteristics, its adsorption by physical and chemicalAbsorbed from the force, the appearance of the color and lustre is black.Its composition in addition to the main carbon, but also contains a small amount of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, its structure is shaped like a hexagon, due to the irregular hexagon structure, determine the characteristics of its body also incandescentand high surface area, each gram of activated carbon has the equivalent of 1000 square meters than the surface. 
Activated carbon filtration adsorption and separation02021-08-29 23:53:52
Microwave method, microwave method is not independent of the physical method and chemical method of the preparation of activated carbon, but on the basis of the physical method and chemical method instead of the traditional heating method, but it has a very significant  Microwave refers to the electromagnetic radiation located between far-infrared and radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, with a frequency range of 300MHz to 300GHz and a wavelength of 1m to 1mmMicrowave generates "internal friction heat" through high frequency reciprocating motion of dipole molecules in the heated body, which raises the temperature of the material. It does not require any heat conduction process, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, selectivity, non-contact, integrity, uniformity, quick start and stop, and easy operation Studies have shown that activated carbon can effectively absorb microwave energy and make the temperature rise to 110o℃5' within a few minutes. Microwave heating can produce good effects in the preparation and modification of activated carbon (S2. Microwave modification, many backwater hole is opened, the distributed capacitance change obviously, promoting the improvement of the adsorption. The microwave power and irradiation time are key determinants of modified activated carbon adsorption performance. On the mechanism of microwave carbonization and activation, it is generally believed thatpelletized activated carbon   Plant waste is mostly made of plant fiber raw materials, in the plant body under the action of capillary, modified solution absorbed by material whole fully, between fiber is filled with the subtle space, make the dry material volume expansion after soaking wet, and reaction. Because of the water in the raw material, modified solution constitute a polar molecule, with a strong absorption of microwave dielectric properties,Therefore, polar molecules collide and rub violently with microwave frequency, generating a large amount of heat, which makes water and modified solution volatilize rapidly, and generate steam pressure, which explodes out from the inside of the raw material to the outside. This sharp action makes the fiber space of the raw material expand and produce sharp drying.In this way, the raw material has a more obvious pore structure and a larger internal specific surface area than before microwave irradiation. Compared with the traditional heating method, the mechanism of microwave in the preparation process of activated carbon is completely different.It shows its unique advantages: high efficiency, energy saving, uniformity, selectivity, low pollution, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, simple process and equipment and small footprint, conducive to automation, low carbon loss, and recovery of useful substances. 
Activated carbon filtration adsorption principle02021-08-30 23:27:02
Water purification, can remove the organic matter and heavy metal ions and mildewy odor, bacteria and used in water decolorization, used in drinking water industry, beverage, beer, medicine, sugar and other industries water purification, decolorization process and pure water, direct drinking water production equipment;Sewage treatment: can be used to treat the chemical industry, electroplating, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, leather, medicine and other sources of sewage, the removal of organic materials, bacteria and organic dyes in the water.Especially the treatment of toxic and harmful wastewater containing high metal ions;Organic solvent recovery: to benzene, ketone, fat, alcohol and other types of organic solvents can be adsorbed recovery;It can be used in solvent recovery devices such as glue spray paint and film, in benzene purification and recovery devices and in environmental protection projects of waste gas and sewage treatment.Health and anti-expansion: made of gas masks, gas and dust masks, gas jackets can have good adsorption and shielding effect on toxic gasescoal based granular activated carbon   Medical treatment and biological engineering: can be used for the manufacture of artificial kidney, liver adsorbent, used in biological engineering for enzyme fixation;  Daily life: can be used in refrigerator deodorization, fruit and vegetable preservation, household water purifier, cigarette filter, deodorization and disease prevention insoles and other daily necessities production;Other aspects: can be used as catalyst carrier, stationary phase of gas chromatography, solar heat collector and precious metal production 
Ding Xinda activated carbon filtration rate02021-11-23 00:21:58
By use.Generally there are three kinds. (1) gas phase adsorption of activated carbon. Can be used for exhaust treatment, air purification, solvent recovery, gas separation, deodorization, desulfurization and denitration, industry.Raw material gas refining, gas chromatography filler, air sampler, fresh-keeping, ozone removal, cigarette filter nozzle, gas adsorption storage, military and civil gas masks, etc.(2) liquid phase adsorption of activated carbon.Tap water treatment, pure water manufacturing, industrial and domestic sewage advanced treatment, decolorization refining, blood purification, gold recovery, double capacitor electrode, pharmaceutical carbon, etc.(3) catalyst (catalyst) with activated carbon.  Both can be directly used as a catalyst for this industrial process (such as phosgene synthesis, synthesis of vinyl acetate, etc.), more time activated carbon is used as a catalyst carrier (such as carrying precious metal pins, men, palladium, nails, gold made of pin carbon, palladium carbon catalyst, etc.).(1) solvent recovery.Such as recycling printing industry with xylene, toluene, benzene and other solvents;Recycling organic solvents such as ethanol, acetone, ester and ether from plastics and artificial leather industry;Recycling of hexanone in tape factory;Recycling of dichloromethane from resin processing plants, etc.(2) air purification.Such as electronic, pharmaceutical industry aseptic workshop air purification;Removal of ozone in the air of the copy room and computer room;The removal of foreign odor in the air of confined space;Odor removal from refrigerators, etc.(3) Nuclear and biochemical protection.Nuclear radiation, biological warfare agents, chemical warfare agents are weapons of mass destruction, activated carbon is loaded with a variety of chemical agents can effectively protect it Activated carbon or chemical-loaded activated carbon is often used as a key component of personal protective equipment in the presence of toxic gases in the civilian industry. During the SARS crisis in late 2002 and early 2003, special protective masks with activated carbon loaded with silver played a role in protecting health care workers.  
Ding Xinda activated carbon filtration rate02021-11-26 23:05:40
Under certain operating conditions, the gas mixture by adsorption bed, adsorption by adsorption, adsorption after a period of time, when starting from the adsorbent in the laminar flow of the gas adsorbed mass (or its concentration reaches a specified value), think bed fire, adsorption properties of adsorbent adsorption quantity at this time is called dynamic activity of adsorbent. The activity is not only related to the characteristics of adsorbents and adsorbents, but also related to temperature, concentration and operating conditions. The kinetic activity value of adsorbent is the main basis for the design of adsorption recovery activated carbon  The adsorption rateThe adsorption process often takes a long time to reach equilibrium, and the contact time is limited in the actual production process.Therefore, the amount of adsorption depends on the adsorption rate, and the adsorption rate is related to the adsorption process, the adsorption process can be divided intoThe adsorption process often takes a long time to reach equilibrium, and the contact time is limited in the actual production process.Therefore, the amount of adsorption depends on the adsorption rate, and the adsorption rate is related to the adsorption process, which can be divided into the following steps (1) External diffusion, the adsorbate from the main air flow through the air film around the particles to the outer surface of the adsorbent; (2) Internal diffusion, the adsorbate from the outer surface through micropores to the surface of the adsorbent microporescoconut activated carbon factory  (3) adsorption, the adsorbent reached the microporous surface of the adsorbent is adsorbed (4) The desorbed adsorbate diffuses to the main body of the gas phase through internal and external diffusionPhysical adsorption process is generally controlled by internal and external diffusion, chemical adsorption is controlled by both surface dynamics and internal and external diffusion.Because of the complexity of the adsorption process and many influencing factors, it is difficult to derive the rate theoretically, so it is generally determined by experience or model experiment. 

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