What is best to drift on the road ah? Driving skills issues

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Is it better to drift on the way huh? Conduct technical issues
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1. Security: the drift is in fact a kind of out of control on the edge of out of control and non-conduction state, and even experts are likely to drift serious mistakes, so for people who want to learn the drift recommended to the track or the open space on the stack more stacked in the barrel. 2. Choose a suitable vehicle: a powerful rear-wheel drive is the best trend, theoretically speaking. The first four-wheel drive and can make a shift action, but the operation is difficult, it is difficult to do long distance drift. The wear on the car is great. 3. Select the right place: the early stages of learning to drift, you can choose the road surface friction coefficient. First coefficient of friction prone to drift, the second is the need to accelerate slowly, the small risk of loss of control, and the third is also a smaller vehicle wear and tear 4. Methods: After the disk is relatively easy to learn and talk about the method of drift: drift of the pair. The drift method is the simplest, and the gradual drift of the amplitude can be hard to get out of control. A. at the corners before the downturn, faster than normal speed cornering is less. B. Direct entry into the corners later than normal, the two teams gear, hit the direction of entry. C. near the apex suddenly when the oil, a sudden increase in the loss of the rear wheel torque on the handle, which results in lateral movement of the outer curve, and feel the sliding back of the sliding direction of rotation immediately after the steering wheel faster. D. sliding back under the settings of the steering and throttle, balancing dynamic drift car. the most difficult, the drift angle, distance and direction of the acceleration and the magnitude of a great relationship, you need more experience to practice near the turning point E. close the throttle slightly and slowly back to the positive direction to allow vehicles to return to the normal position to reach ten points out of corners to be bent out of fuel. Method 1 is derived from another type. handbrake drift method (applicable to all drivers on the way) with high cornering speed, the direction of fast game handbrake is pulling up the rear, while losing control, adjust the steering and throttle after the summit when you can put down by the handbrake 0.2. heavy drifting floating brake (for all forms of unity) in the corner with high speed, heavy braking is cornering, the lowest speed and direction of the search, the center of gravity forward on the grip rear tire lost the position to keep traffic out of turn. landlord will spare no practical hope.
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