The role of activated carbon in the pharmaceutical industry

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Under these conditions, the COD removal rate reached 78.6%, the BOD /COD value increased from 0.168 to 0.353-0.403, and the biodegradability was greatly improved.

If Ho is added in three times and the interval time is 10min, the COD removal rate will increase from 78.6% to 80.3%. Therefore, it can be seen that H0: batch addition will further improve the reaction effect.suppliers of activated carbon 

After Fenton oxidation treatment, wastewater and activated carbon adsorption, this topic activated carbon adsorption experiments using single factor method, examines different PH, activated carbon adsorption dosing quantity and the influence of adsorption time of wastewater COD removal rate, the results show that after Fenton oxidation treatment without having to adjust PH value, according to the 20 g/L after adding the activated carbon reaction 3 h at room temperature, COD removal rate was 47.3%,, BOD/COD value of 0.438 to 0.625.dxd carbon 

The research in this paper has laid a theoretical foundation and provided an experimental basis for the practical application of Fenton oxidation and activated carbon adsorption in the pretreatment of natural gas purification maintenance wastewater in UASB reactor. Deep desulfurization of transportation fuels is receiving increasing attention in theresearch community worldwide due to increasingly stringent regulations and fuelspecifications in many countries for environmental protection purpose. The traditionalhydrodesulfurization process (HDS) is highly efficient in removing thiols and sulfides, but itis less effective for thiophenes and thiophene derivatives. Ultra-deep desulfurization isbecoming even more formidable challenge for HDS with the decreasing lower sulfur in fuels.Therefore, non-hydrodesulfurization technique of liquid fuels has caused intensive concernsfor ultra-deep desulfurization. Recently, the adsorption desulfurization technique and catalyticoxidation-adsorption desulfurization technique have drawn much attention at home andabroad due to its mild reaction condition,low production cost and little environmentalpollutioz. This thesis focuses on the researches of application of activated carbon fiber inadsorption and oxidation-adsorption removal of thiophenic sulfur compounds from oils. 


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