Floating Fish Feed Pellet Plant For Processing Fish Food

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Fusmarfloating fish feed pellet production line is the complete procedure of fish feed production including fish feed extruder machine,fish feed crusher,fish feed mixer,fish feed dryer,and other equipment. This floating fish feed production plant is designed for making commercial pellets from corn, maize, grass, grains, protein, molasses, and so on, and final pellets with different shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrients, and fine texture.

fish feed pellet production line

Floating Fish Feed Production Line Applications

Thefish feed pellet production lineis widely used as aquatic and pet feed like goldfish, tropical fish, catfish, shrimps, dog, cat, and etc. Fusmar fish feed production line is the best choice for medium and big sized feed mills and breeding farms.Complete fish feed pellet production lines with different capacities are also available to meet customers’ specific demands.This floating fish feed production line is newly developed to meet the demand of intensive production of animal fish feed pellets.The products can have different shapes, unique flavor, rich nutrients and fine texture to meet the different eating habit of animals. Fusmar fish feed production machinery can produce various kinds of pellets for different varieties of fishes including Halibut pellets, Catfish pellets, Carp pellet, Trout pellets, Hemp pellets, etc.animal feed pellets for farming

Extruding Process Of Floating Feed Pellet Extruder

Fusmar floating fish feed pellet mill can be divided into two types: dry type fish feed processing machine and wet type fish feed processing machine. The wet type is with the conditioner and need to equip the steam boiler. The dry type fish feed production line is cheaper while the capacity of the wet type fish feed making machine is higher, so usually the wet type fish feed extruder is suitable for large feed pellet factory and the dry type fish feed processing machine is better and economic for the small and medium size user or factory.

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Modern Commercial Aquaculture

Manufactured feeds are an important part of modern commercial aquaculture, providing the balanced nutrition for farmed fish. The feeds, in the form of granules or pellets which are made by fish feed pellet making machine, provide the nutrition in a stable and concentrated form, enabling the fish to feed efficiently and grow to their full potential.

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