Activated carbon molecular impurity

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Microwave method, microwave method is not independent of the physical method and chemical method of the preparation of activated carbon, but on the basis of the physical method and chemical method instead of the traditional heating method, but it has a very significant effect.  

Microwave refers to the electromagnetic radiation located between far-infrared and radio waves in the electromagnetic spectrum, with a frequency range of 300MHz to 300GHz and a wavelength of 1m to 1mmMicrowave generates "internal friction heat" through high frequency reciprocating motion of dipole molecules in the heated body, which raises the temperature of the material. It does not require any heat conduction process, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, selectivity, non-contact, integrity, uniformity, quick start and stop, and easy operation Studies have shown that activated carbon can effectively absorb microwave energy and make the temperature rise to 110o℃5' within a few minutes.  coconut shell activated carbon pellets 


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