The carbon group of activated carbon

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4.5, 35, 11, 494, 97 The main factors affecting the adsorption of activated carbon ① the nature of activated carbon adsorbent

The larger the surface area, the stronger the adsorption capacity;

Activated carbon is a non-polar molecule, easy to adsorb non-polar or very low polarity adsorbent;

The size of the activated carbon adsorbent particle, the structure and distribution of the fine pore and the surface chemical properties also have a great influence on the adsorption.

(2) the nature of the adsorbentwood based activated carbon manufacturer 

Depends on its bath solubility, surface white energy, polarity, adsorbate molecule size and unsaturation, the concentration of adsorbate, etc

③ Wastewater pH value 

Activated carbon generally has a higher adsorption rate in acidic solution than in alkaline solution.

The pH value will affect the state and bath solubility of the adsorbent in the water towel, thus affecting the adsorption effect.

④ Coexisting substances

When a variety of adsorbates coexist, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon to a certain adsorbate is worse than that containing only the adsorbate

(5) temperature

The effect of temperature on the adsorption of activated carbon is small 


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