Guardian Botanicals Blood Balance – How Much It Safe To Consume Daily?

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Unless the doctor's office has something in writing from the insurance company, the insurance company is off the hook for the costs if you were given a legitimate reason to not cover it. And I guess the doctor's office had to sign documents saying they would file the claim , but that would be responsible for what insurance does not pay.

I do not know any insurance company to give immediate response to elective surgeries. Almost always have two weeks to process the documentation and give its approval unless it is considered an emergency . If you are in emergency surgery waiting (ie - appendix has ruptured ), then give its immediate approval. If your doctor says you need surgery in the next few days ( ie - who came to the emergency room with heart problems and now want to do a valve replacement ), then ran to the approval of the priority and you can get approval in the next few days. Normally you have to already be in the hospital to have hit the priority . But , for surgery is not required immediately ( it sounds like yours was probably not because they were not already in the hospital) , which could take up to 2 weeks to issue the approval This is why you have to call ahead for approval . If the doctor's office is telling you that approval was obtained in only a few days that were not already in the hospital awaiting surgery, I would say that they were probably lying to you or when I called to obtain approval , they did seem more urgent than it really was and the lack of urgency is why the insurance company ended up denying the claim.
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