Chemical adsorption and physical adsorption of activated carbon

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Activated carbon is a carbon adsorption material with coal, wood and nut shell as raw materials, used in gas adsorption.

Separation, purification and separation of liquid purification and other fields.

The industrial application of activated carbon by appearance distinguish forming granular activated carbon, are there not finalize the granular activated carbon, powdered activated carbon, activated carbon fiber, etc., main application fields including wastewater treatment, activated carbon depth clean drinking water, medicine and food decolorizing refining, precious metal extraction, gas separation and purification, solvent recovery, and military and civil protection.activated carbon suppliers canada 

Taking coal as raw material to the production of coal based activated carbon is a kind of has a developed interspaces structure of carbonaceous adsorption material, has good chemical stability and mechanical strength, coal based activated carbon products can be widely used in decoloring purification, solvent recovery, gas separation, gas purification, and various kinds of water treatment and other fields, some through special processing, the special T also can be used as a high-performance activated carbon desulfurization agent, catalyst and catalyst carrier, mountain in the acid and alkali resistant, heat resistant, granular activated carbon on adsorption saturation after failure, can be a party to regenerate.dxd carbon 

The application of coal-based activated carbon is divided into liquid phase and gas phase according to the characteristics of the material. The liquid phase is mainly used in decolorization, recovery of precious metals and water treatment.

Gas phase is mainly used in gas purification and recovery, industrial waste gas treatment, flue gas desulfurization and gas protection, etc.

In recent years, some foreign activated carbon manufacturers have developed coal-based activated carbon with special adsorption capacity by adopting new processes, new methods and advanced raw material treatment technology, which has greatly improved and enhanced the performance of coal-based activated carbon products, expanded the application field and highlighted a broader market prospect. 


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